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spyro gyra-best of spyro gyra

Spyro Gyra-Best of Spyro Gyra

SPECIAL PRICING - IN STOCK ONLY!!!! This book is such a great value - it contains full transcribed parts for 8 of Spyro Gyra's greatest hits! It includes all the parts... 


slack-introduction to concert snare drum/accessory percussion instruments (vhs)

Slack-Introduction to Concert Snare Drum/Accessory Percussion Instruments (VHS)

VHS TAPE...SPECIAL OVERSTOCK PRICING!!!!! Introduction to Snare Drum and Accessory Instruments gives specific assistance towards refining skills used in professi... 


diblasio-diblasio&#39s bop shop

DiBlasio-DiBlasio's Bop Shop

SPECIAL PRICING - IN STOCK ONLY!!! DiBlasio's Bop Shop is written by one of the greatest jazz educators and players around - Dennis DiBlasio. This former stalw... 


rothman-jazz coordination and breaks in double time

Rothman-Jazz Coordination and Breaks in Double Time

SPECIAL PRICING - IN STOCK ONLY!!! Jazz Coordination and Breaks in Double Time by Joel Rothman is the only book of its kind presenting an in-depth study of this fa... 


rothman-show problems

Rothman-Show Problems

SPECIAL PRICING - IN STOCK ONLY! Joel Rothman brings about a discussion of most problems that arise while playing drums for various performers in his book Show P... 


riley-100 tips for drums (w/cd)

Riley-100 Tips for Drums (w/CD)

SPECIAL PRICING - IN STOCK ONLY!!! Pete Riley's 100 Tips for Drums has throughout exercises and music examples that work in combination with the audio tracks on ... 


rothman-cut-time parts

Rothman-Cut-Time Parts

SPECIAL PRICING - IN STOCK ONLY!!! Here is another essential book Joel Rothman designed to familiarize the reader with typical-looking charts in cut-time in order to pr... 


jimbo-fujiyama: combining acoustic and electronic drums (cd)

Jimbo-Fujiyama: Combining Acoustic and Electronic Drums (CD)

SPECIAL PRICING - IN STOCK ONLY! In the second Akira Jimbo DVD, Akira Jimbo shows how he has expanded the concept of the drum set as a solo instrument. After fifteen years of... 


portnoy-progressive drum concepts (vhs)

Portnoy-Progressive Drum Concepts (VHS)

SPECIAL PRICING....VHS TAPE!!!! Includes a 32-page booklet Mike Portnoy, the drummer for the progressive heavy metal band Dream Theater, presents his first instructiona... 


briggs-mel bay's complete modern drum set (vhs)

Briggs-Mel Bay's Complete Modern Drum Set (VHS)

SPECIAL PRICING....VHS VERSION!! The Complete Modern Drum Set video is among the first of it's kind...a true video book. Quick moving and packed with information like t... 


filz-vocal percussion (cd)

Filz-Vocal Percussion (CD)

SPECIAL PRICING - IN STOCK ONLY!!!! Beat box like a pro with Vocal Percussion Volume 1: Drums 'n' Voice ! Great instructional book on how to create the sounds... 


fauci-metallica&#39s lars ulrich(cd)

Fauci-Metallica's Lars Ulrich(CD)

SPECIAL PRICING - IN STOCK ONLY!!! An up-close look at heavy metal's leading drummer, Lars Ulrich, using actual transcribed examples of Metallica hits. Accompanying CD ... 


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latham-contemporary drumset technique (vhs)

Latham-Contemporary Drumset Technique (VHS)

VHS TAPE ONLY....SPECIAL PRICING!!!! Detailed demonstrations of the exercises from Rick's best-selling book. The video covers contemporary rudiments, drum set interpret... 


burns/farris-one surface learning (tape only)

Burns/Farris-One Surface Learning (TAPE ONLY)

SPECIAL PRICING!!! TAPE ONLY!!!!!! This item is a supplementary recording to Roy Burns and Joey Farris's popular method book "one Surface Learning" 


gennaro-drum basics step 1 (vhs)

Gennaro-Drum Basics Step 1 (VHS)

SPECIAL PRICING.....VHS VERSION!! The Ultimate Beginner Series is designed to help you take the first step toward experiencing the fun of playing music. On Drum Basics,... 


fullen-contemp. country styles (book w/ tape)

Fullen-Contemp. Country Styles (book w/ TAPE)

SPECIAL PRICING!!!! INCLUDES TAPE!!! Contemporary Country Styles provides a guideline of study for country drumming and bass playing, with an emphasis on groove, feel ... 


phillips-simon phillips (book w/ tape)

Phillips-Simon Phillips (BOOK W/ TAPE)

SPECIAL PRICING...BOOK W/ TAPE!! The material in this book is a combination of solo transcriptions, exercises and play-along charts derived from the video Simon Phillip... 


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weckl-natural evolution vol. 1: how to develop technique (vhs)

Weckl-Natural Evolution vol. 1: How to Develop Technique (VHS)