Hand-Held and World Percussion

Humes And Berg 14" Drum Seeker Djembe Bag

The Humes and Berg 14" Drum Seeker Djembe Bag is a fleece lined padded durable bag designed to store and transport a single djembe. Large accessory pockets are featured as wel... 

Liberty One Large Triangle Bag - Fits up to 10" (Special Pricing)

Special pricing on this older version of the Triangle Bag The Liberty One Series Large Triangle Bag (model 04T) conforms precisely to triangles unique ... 

Pearl Horacio Hernandez Singature Cowbell - Clabell (Foot Clave)

Designed by Horacio Hernandez, the HH-X series of five cowbells are pitched in accordance to "El Negro's" strictest of standards. Together with pearl they developed a new inno... 

Tycoon Percussion Light Swing-Shake Shaker

The Tycoon Percussion Light Swing-Shake is designed to cut through in live performances. Tycoon designed the Light Swing Shake with a unique shape that provides players with m... 

Pearl Vibra Bells

Pearl Vibra Bells are a unique sounding instrument that combine the sound and form of agogo bells with that of a vibra-slap.  

Pearl Socket Conga Tuning Wrench

The Pearl Socket Conga Tuning Wrench features a standard 13mm conga wrench on one end and a socket style bit on the other. A plastic coated handle allows for comfortable use. 

Tycoon Percussion Heavy Swing-Shake Shaker

The Tycoon Swing-Shake is designed for live performance. The Siam oak construction gives the Heavy Swing Shake a great sound that cuts through in live settings. Tycoon designe... 

Pearl 12" Primero Pro Fiberglass Tumba

The Pearl 12″ Primero Pro Fiber Conga features a fiber shell delivering an articulate sound with a wide dynamic range. Fiber congas are lighter and hold up better tha... 

EQ Percussion Piccolo Wood Block - 4.25"

The EQ Percussion piccolo wood block 2 is a high quality block. - PWB2: 4.25″ × 1.75″ × 1.75″ 

Spectrasound Mark Tree Chime Hangers Pack of 35

This package of replacement Spectrasound Mark Tree Chime Hangers is sold in pack of 35. These can be used with other brands as well. 

EQ Percussion Piccolo Wood Block - 4.75"

The EQ Percussion piccolo wood block 4 is a high quality block. - PWB4: 4.75″ × 1.75″ × 1.75″ 

LP Wooden Ago-go Holder

This allows for the mounting of a LP Wooded Ago-go to a standard percussion rod. 

Weiss 11" Noah Bell (Imperfect Sound Quality)

Special Pricing on this 11″ Noah Bell because it has a slight buzz to the sound. No cosmetic imperfections only in the sound. All Noah Bells are distinctive fro... 

Meinl Fiberglass Shaker - Black Large (Old Style)

Special pricing on these old-style shakers! These Meinl Shakers are made from premium fiberglass for more durability and better sound quality. They are... 

LP Chick-Ita Twin Shaker

The LP Chick-Ita Twin Shaker is a double ended shaker that adds a great rhythm and texture to any performance. 

EQ Percussion Power Wood Block - 11"

The EQ Percussion power wood blocks are made from high quality maple and provide a unique sound. Sizes EQU-WB1: 8″ × 3.375″ × 2.75&... 

Meinl 12" African Style Rope Tuned Djembe - Black Moon

The Meinl 12" Original African Rope Tuned Djembes is crafted from a solid piece of plantation grown Mahogany. Meinl created these high quality Djembes with great attention ... 

Pearl Cymbal Handle for Banda Tambora

This Cymbal Handle allow for the mounting of a cymbal to a Banda Tambora, a 24x18 bass drum used in Banda music. Banda is a brass-based form of traditional Mexican music accom... 

Toca Conga lug plate gasket

The Toca Conga lug plate gasket is part of the slide plate assembly for wood drums.