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Bundle Sticks

promark hot rods

Promark Hot Rods

ProMark Hot Rods offer the perfect balance when drumsticks are too loud and brushes are too soft. Made of 19 birch dowels held firmly together, and producing a tight, textural... 

promark broomsticks - large

Promark Broomsticks - Large

The Large Promark Broomsticks are hand-made of 100% natural broomcorn and produce a unique sound.similar to brushes, but without the metallic overtones. Moveable "bands" allow... 

innovative br5 nylon bundle sticks

Innovative BR5 Nylon Bundle Sticks

The nylon bundle sticks feature a nylon grip and adjustable nylon sleeve to create numerous sound and articulation possibilities. 

vic firth rute

Vic Firth Rute

Vic Firth RUTE Drumsticks are designed for all-around rock, jazz and combo playing. With 16 .056" premium birch dowels secured in a birch drumstick handle. Designed t... 

promark cool rods

Promark Cool Rods

The ProMark Cool Rods offer a more delicate sound than the standard Hot Rods. They are made of 19 birch dowels and are perfect for a light sound, somewhere between a wire brus... 

innovative br5w nylon bundle sticks with wood handle

Innovative BR5W Nylon Bundle Sticks with Wood Handle

The popular Innovative Percussion model BR5 synthetic bundle rod is now available in this BR5W model wood handle version which gives the player a more familiar drumstick feel. 

promark lightning rods

Promark Lightning Rods

The ProMark Lightning Rods are the perfect choice for "unplugged" gigs. Seven large birch dowels are banded together at the neck and the back of the stick for a smooth grip an... 

innovative iphbb flipz hybrid bundle sticks

Innovative IPHBB Flipz Hybrid Bundle Sticks

The Innovative Percussion model IPHBB "FLIPZ" Hybrid bundle sticks feature a smaller model BR5 bundle filament built on the butt end of the IPHB Hybrid combo drumstick. This ... 

vic firth rute 606

Vic Firth Rute 606

Vic Firth RUTE606 Drumsticks are perfect for the Rute player who prefers a rubber handle and fixed position band. Designed for all-around playing. With 19 .125" premium birch... 

innovative br8 fanned "caps" bundle sticks

Innovative BR8 Fanned "Caps" Bundle Sticks

The Innovative Percussion model BR8 features the same thick synthetic filament with brass end caps found on the BR6 "caps" model, but is fanned out to create a brush-type effe... 

vic firth rute 505

Vic Firth Rute 505

Vic Firth RUTE505 Drumsticks are a cross between the Vic Firth Rock Rake and the original Rute. A great choice for light jazz and combo playing. With thirty-one .094" plastic ... 

regal tip blasticks - plastic handle (530r)

Regal Tip Blasticks - Plastic Handle (530R)

Regal Tip Blasticks play like a stick but produce a soft and full sound. They are great for gigs when you want to play hard, but not blow through the band. Adjustable sound r... 

vater acoustick solid

Vater Acoustick Solid

The Acoustick Solid version is a Cross Cut Hickory stick with the same high impact protective strips. The Polymer acts as a protective "striking layer" that allows the player ... 

promark thunder rods

Promark Thunder Rods

The ultimate in strength and durability. Thunder Rods provide that patented rods sound. Perfect for the heaviest hitters on the planet. 

innovative iphjz jamz bundle sticks

Innovative IPHJZ Jamz Bundle Sticks

The Innovative Percussion IPHJZ "JAMZ" model is a synthetic bundle stick that is built with a longer wood handle, giving the player a feel much closer to a drumstick and the a... 

vater splashstick

Vater Splashstick

19 hand-selected Birch dowels that provide warm acoustic tonality but still produce a solid "crack" around the drumkit. The extended rubber grip leaves 4" of the dowels expose... 

regal tip blasticks - wood handles (531r)

Regal Tip Blasticks - Wood Handles (531R)

Regal Tip Wood Handle Blasticks play like a stick but produce a soft and full sound. They are great for gigs when you want to play hard, but not blow through the band. Adjust... 

innovative phat broomz

Innovative Phat Broomz

The BMZ2 Phat Broomz by Innovative Percussion are the perfect way to create a unique sound in between the brush and Bundlz models. They create a solid backbeat without a hi... 

vic firth rute 202

Vic Firth Rute 202

Vic Firth RUTE202 Drumsticks are perfect for the player who wants to really dig in while still retaining the classic Rute sound. Seven .188" premium birch dowels surround a th... 

innovative bzb-2 bundlz bamboo

Innovative BZB-2 Bundlz Bamboo

Innovative Percussion adds to its variety of brushes and alternative implements with the introduction of the Bundlz. The BZB2 Bundlz are made of small bamboo dowels around a l... 

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