Multi-Use Sticks & Mallets

vic firth american custom sd12 drumsticks - swizzle g

Vic Firth American Custom SD12 Drumsticks - Swizzle G

Vic Firth SD12 Swizzle G Drumsticks are an SD1 General with a hard, spun felt ball attached to the butt end. Ideal for fast changes on cymbals. The SD12 are turned from selec... 

vic firth american custom sd6 drumsticks - swizzle b

Vic Firth American Custom SD6 Drumsticks - Swizzle B

Vic Firth SD6 Swizzle B Drumsticks are an SD2 with a hard, spun felt ball attached to the butt end. Ideal for fast changes on cymbals. The SD6 are turned from select rock map... 

vic firth american classic  5a dual tone stick/mallet

Vic Firth American Classic 5A Dual Tone Stick/Mallet

The Vic Firth 5ADT Dual Tone combines a 5A wood tip drumstick with a durable synthetic felt mallet head attached to the butt end. L = 16 1/8" 

promark tubz

Promark Tubz

Use the ProMark TUBZ on drumset, congas, timbales, bongos, cymbals, multi-toms or any other percussion instrument. Designed by Paul Wertico of the Grammy Award winnin... 

innovative global series gs1 large beaters

Innovative Global Series GS1 Large Beaters

The Innovative Percussion Global Series GS-1 Percussion Beaters are offered in pairs and designed for use with a number of different world percussion instruments. Con... 

lp wooden merengue guiro scraper

LP Wooden Merengue Guiro Scraper

The LP Wooden Merengue Guiro Scraper features 7 metal scraping rods and wooden handle. 

innovative global series gs2 small beaters

Innovative Global Series GS2 Small Beaters

The Innovative Percussion GS-2 Small Beater is constructed of red oak, in a 5/8" diameter. These beaters work well on West African krin or slit drums, and on the smaller Japan... 

pearl cowbell beater

Pearl Cowbell Beater

Pearl Percussion PDC10 Dual Cowbell Beater features a wooden side for louder playing and a soft rubber side for more delicate cowbell passages. 

innovative 5a multi-stick

Innovative 5A Multi-Stick

The Innovative Percussion IP5AM Multi-Stick features the IP5A with a felt ball on the butt end. These are ideal for quick changes to cymbals or a softer sound on drums. ... 

regal tip conga sticks - pair (542l)

Regal Tip Conga Sticks - Pair (542L)

An instrument that can be used to simulate the human hand striking congas, bongo and other hand drums. 

innovative ip5at timpani combo sticks

Innovative IP5AT Timpani Combo Sticks

The Innovative Percussion IP5AT features their 5A combo stick with a medium hard timpani mallet on the butt-end. 

lp torpedo scraper

LP Torpedo Scraper

The LP Torpedo Scraper features 12 metal scraping rods and plastic handle. 

promark multi purpose felt mallets

Promark Multi Purpose Felt Mallets

Use the Promark MT-3 Multi Purpose Felt Mallet for cymbal swells or general mallet work. Great, all-around mallet with semi-hard felt head. 

lp pro cowbell beater (lp268)

LP Pro Cowbell Beater (LP268)

The LP Pro Cowbell Beater is made from Ash and features a contoured handle. 

ron vaughn medium block mallets

Ron Vaughn Medium Block Mallets

Medium block mallets are designed and balanced for medium block densities. Our high-density series creates an excellent mallet to instrument balance for clarity of sound on mo... 

regal tip cymbal mallet

Regal Tip Cymbal Mallet

The RTH-1 Hard Felt Cymbal Mallet from Regal Tip is a well balanced mallet with a hard felt head that is designed for cymbal rolls, crashes or can also be used in multi-percus... 

pearl tamborim stick

Pearl Tamborim Stick

The Pearl Percussion Tamborim Stick is made of a high tech composite and features 3 dowels for an authentic feel. 

vater drumstick brush

Vater Drumstick Brush

The Vater Drumstick Brush features the versatility of a drumstick and a brush all in one. Drumstick end has a 5A tip. Non-retractable.  

regal tip stick/mallet - nylon tip

Regal Tip Stick/Mallet - Nylon Tip

The Regal Tip RTH-CMN is a combination stick and mallet that can be used for almost any playing situation...especially when a quick change is needed. This version features a ... 

lp wood cowbell beater (lp207)

LP Wood Cowbell Beater (LP207)

The LP Wood Cowbell beater is made from Siam Oak and is a straight dowel shape with rounded ends.