Drum Racks and Rack Clamps

Gibraltar Road Series SC-GRSAR Adj. Right Angle Clamp

Gibraltar Road Series Clamps keep your kit connected and rock solid. The Gibraltar SC-GRSAR is an Adjustable Right Angle Clamp. 

Gibraltar Road Series SC-GRSRA Right Angle Clamp

This Gibraltar Road Series Right Angle DrumRack Clamp is a fixed 90 degree angle with hinged sides that is designed to hold one Rack Tube to another. 

Gibraltar Road Series SC-GRSSMC Super Multi Clamp

Gibraltar Road Series Clamps keep your kit connected and rock solid. The Gibraltar SC-GRSSMC is a Super Multi-Clamp. 

Gibraltar GRB Rack Bag

The Gibraltar GRB Rack Bag is a 54" bag with a plastic insert designed to carry your rack. Fits most manufacturers straight or curved rack systems. Transport your drum... 

Gibraltar T-Top from Gems Stand

The T-Top from the Gibraltar Gems stand features a 1 1/2″ cross bar, and 7/8″ down tube.  

Gibraltar Extension Arm with Adjustable Clamp

Gibraltar extension tube with an adjustable clamp.  

Gibraltar Chrome Series Curved Rack System

The Gibraltar GCS302C Chrome Series Front Curved Rack has 30-inch vertical legs with a 46-inch curved horizontal bar. Two boom cymbal arms allow for maximum placement optio... 

Gibraltar Memory Lock (2 Pack)

The Gibraltar SC-GPRML Memory Locks are designed for use on 1 1/2" diameter round rack. These memory locks ensure that your clamps won't slip and help you setup your drum rac... 

Tama J38SP Field Frame Accessory Clamp

The Tama Field Frame Accessory Clamp allows for the mounting of cymbals and other percussion to field frames. This Clamp fits square 1.5" and 1.75" tubes. The spring loaded... 

Gibraltar 9" Pneumatic Caster with Brake

A nine-inch regulation locking caster is mounted directly to the rack, making the entire station mobile. 9-inch Caster only w/brake and full swivel adjustment Rack stations br... 

Gibraltar Hinged Memory Lock

The Gibraltar SC-GRSHKML Hinged Memory Lock is adjustable using a drum key and is designed for use on 1 1/2" round drum rack. Helps make sure your rack clamps won't slip, and... 

Pearl Pipe Clamp for Rack Legs

The PCL-100 Leg Pipe Clamp fits onto the top of Fits All ICON Rack Leg Posts to hold 7/8" diameter tubes. A great place to mount cymbal holders, tom arms, etc. 

Gibraltar 30" Curved Rack Tube

The Gibraltar 30" curved rack tube is perfect to extend or customize your drum rack configuration. 30¨ Curved Extension Tube 1 1/2" diameter tube, bent at 15 deg... 

Gibraltar 3 Hole Adjustable Platform Mount With Post (SC-APM)

The Gibraltar 3 Hole Adjustable Platform Mount is used with Gibraltar Rack systems. 

Gibraltar Rack Gong Stand Mount

The Gibraltar Rack gong stand mounting clamp fits 1.5″ diameter tubes. Comes with S hook for mounting standard rope mount gongs.  

Majestic Quantum T-Clamp

From the Majestic Quantum Marching Line this is the T-Mount Clamp used to connect two round rack bars at a right angle. Mounts to Majestic Marching accessory bar... 

Gibraltar Curved Rack Side Extension with Wings

The Gibraltar Curved Rack Side Extension with Wings is a two-post curved drum rack with two side wings and two mini cymbal boom arms. This rack allows for a wide range of m... 

Gibraltar 68" Straight Rack Tube

The Gibraltar 68" straight rack extension tube is 1 1/2" chrome steel with plastic end caps. 

Gibraltar Chrome Quick T-Leg Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-GCRQT quick release T-clamp is designed to attach one bar to another bar at a fixed 90 degree angle but making sure the bars are in-line with each other. 

Gibraltar Chrome Hinged Memory Lock

The Gibraltar SC-GCHML is a Hinged Memory Lock. Hinged Memory locks are used when you want to add a drum or cymbal to your drum rack. The hinge makes it easy to add so you ...