Misc. Accessories

pearl jungle gig

Pearl Jungle Gig

Pearl's JG16 "Jungle Gig" is a 16" Floor Tom to Bass Drum Conversion Kit. This kit includes the bracket and legs needed for the Bass Drum Conversion. (I.S.S. mount and BT3 b... 


meinl drum rugs

Meinl Drum Rugs

The MEINL Drum Rug ensures that you will always have a great surface to set up your drums on. The entire bottom side is covered with rubber to avoid sliding and it comes wi... 



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gibraltar bass drum platform

Gibraltar Bass Drum Platform

The Gibraltar SC-BDPM Bass Drum Platform raises small bass drums 2" off the ground. Fits 18" and 20" bass drums. 


pearl universal clamp (ux80)

Pearl Universal Clamp (UX80)

The Pearl Percussion UX-80 Universal Clamp is a versatile problem-solver that features a 13" long 7/8" diameter tube with a rotating jaw that accommodates tubing or rods from ... 


kickport soundport for bass drum

Kickport Soundport for Bass Drum

The KickPort® patented design enhances the sound of your kick drum by doing four things: It ports the kick drum in the same manner as a bass reflex speak... 



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dixson bass drum lift

Dixson Bass Drum Lift

The search for the perfect bass drum sound is over! Now musicians everywhere can transform their drums from time-keeping devices to instruments which explode with sound... 


gibraltar hi hat attachment clamp

Gibraltar Hi Hat Attachment Clamp

The Gibraltar SC-RP171 Hi-Hat Attachment Clamp attaches to bass drum counter hoop to support the hi-hat when used with double bass setup.  


ludwig atlas mounts

Ludwig Atlas Mounts

The revolutionary Ludwig Atlas mount replaces an existing tension casing allowing you to turn it into a tom mount, cymbal holder, floor tom leg holder, or anything you can ... 



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gibraltar ultra adjust snare basket

Gibraltar Ultra Adjust Snare Basket

The Gibraltar Ultra Adjust Snare Basket GUASB allows you to position your snare drum exactly where you want. No gears, just the easy "Ultra" adjustment to get the exact snar... 


gibraltar electronic mounting station

Gibraltar Electronic Mounting Station

The Gibraltar GEMS Electronic Mounting Station is the perfect solution for mounting laptops and other electronic music gear. Great for drummers, guitar players, keyboard playe... 


gibraltar throne footrest attachment

Gibraltar Throne Footrest Attachment

The Gibraltar GTFA Throne Footrest Attachment fits between the Gibraltar throne double leg brace and creates a convenient footrest that is valuable for those long rehearsals w... 


pearl universal clamp - short (ux80s)

Pearl Universal Clamp - Short (UX80S)

The Pearl Percussion UX-80S Universal Clamp is a versatile problem-solver that features a 4 " long 7/8" diameter tube with a rotating jaw that accommodates tubing or rods from... 


kaces economy drum rug

Kaces Economy Drum Rug

The Kaces KCP45 drum rug is essential for gigging drummers. This rug will keep all of your drums from sliding around the stage. Kaces designed the KCP45 to deliver what you... 


rocknroller r10rt multi-cart

RocknRoller R10RT Multi-Cart

The Multi-Cart Rock N Roller 8-in-1 R10 is the perfect way to move drums to and from the gig. The R10 has 8 different configurations to make moving drums, pro audio or any typ... 


lp claw - percussion version

LP Claw - Percussion Version

The LP Percussion Claw allows you to add almost any mountable percussion instrument, including LP Cowbells, LP Jam Blocks or LP Cyclops Tambourines anywhere on drum set... 


pearl ca-130 hoop mountable accessory holder

Pearl CA-130 Hoop Mountable Accessory Holder

The Pearl CA-130 Hoop Mountable Accessory Holder is a hoop mounted cowbell holder that features non-marring rubber jaws that rotate to fit the contour of the hoop for slip-... 


pearl bass drum bracket (bb3)

Pearl Bass Drum Bracket (BB3)

The Pearl BB-3 Bass Drum Bracket accepts all holders and accessories using 7/8" tubing. The dual brackets feature slip resistant nylon sleeves and Stop-Lock receivers. 


gibraltar drum shield - 5 panels

Gibraltar Drum Shield - 5 Panels

The Gibraltar 5-Piece Acrylic Drum Shield can be placed in front of your kit to isolate the sound of your drums during a recording session or can lower your volume during a... 


kaces crash pad drum rug

Kaces Crash Pad Drum Rug

The Kaces KCP-5 Crash Pad Drum Rug is a 5.5′ × 4.5′ heavy-duty black polypropylene fabric rug. Nonskid rubber trim prevents creeping. Covered wood barrier... 


gibraltar iphone/ipod mp3 stand mount

Gibraltar iPhone/iPod MP3 Stand Mount

The Gibraltar iPhone and iPod MP3 Player Stand Mount allows you to mount your iPhone, iPod, or other phone or MP3 player to any stand. Fits tube diameters 5/8″ to 1-5...