Multi Clamps and Adaptors

Yamaha Square Multi Clamp for Field Frames

The Yamaha RDC10 Square Multi Clamp is desigend for use with either the Tough Terrain Frame or the Multi Frame II and enables you to mount a variety of arms (cymbal, snare bas... 

Liberty I Multi-Clamp

This Liberty I Series Multi Clamp clamps to almost any size tube and works great for cymbal arms, tom-tom arms or accessory arms for a quick add-on to your existing setup. 

Gibraltar Adjustable Angle Multi-Clamp

Gibraltar SC-PUGC Adjustable Angle Multi-Clamp is a Pearl-type grabber clamp with angled center post with rotating clamp at each end. 

Gibraltar Basic Grabber Multi Clamp

This Gibraltar BGC Basic 2-Hole Grabber Clamp (also known as a Multi-Clamp) is an economical way to hold and clamp almost anything to anything else! This clamp will accommoda... 

Yamaha CSAT-924A Multi-Clamp

Yamaha CSAT924A Parallel MultiClamp is designed to connect almost any tom arm or cymbal boom arm to anything else you need to clamp it to. 

Pearl Adapter - AX25

The Pearl AX25 2 Revolving Clamp Adapter features Quick Repease Ends, a Diameter range of 1/2" to 1 1/8" and UltraGrip Wingnuts for ease and comfort when tightening. There is... 

Gibraltar 7/8" Cymbal Stand Spanner Bar

The Gibraltar SC-SPAN allows you to mount more onto a cymbal stand. Clamp the spanner bar onto your cymbal stand and add a couple cymbal arms to your setup. Perfect for spl... 

Pearl Adapter - AX25L

The Pearl AX25L 2 Revolving Clamp Adapter is a Longer version of the AX25 and features Quick Release Ends, a Diameter range of 1/2" to 1 1/8" and features UltraGrip Wingnuts f... 

Pearl Adapter - AX28

The Pearl AX28 Clamp Adapter features Quick Release ends and one "In-Line" side that has a Diameter range of 5/8" to 1 1/8" and one "Revolving" side with a Diameter range of 1... 

Gibraltar Standard Grabber Multi Clamp

This Gibraltar 4425G Standard 2-Hole Grabber Clamp (also know as a Multi-Clamp) accepts 1/2" through 1" diameter tubing. 

Pearl ADP30 Adjustable Quick Release Clamp

The Pearl ADP-30 Adjustable quick release clamp is essential for any drummer that wants to augment their kit with cymbal arms or percussion instruments. The quick release c... 

Pearl Adapter - ADP20

The Pearl ADP20 2 Clamp Adapter features Quick Release ends, a diamter range of ⅝″ to 1 ⅛″, and UltraGrip Wingnuts.  

LP Percussion Mount and Clamp

The LP Percussion Mount and Clamp attaches to a basic stand allowing for mounting of various percussion instruments on the included rod.  

Gibraltar Flex Multi Clamp (SC-FMC)

The Gibraltar Flex Multi Clamp easily attaches an accessory to a stand. The Flex Multi Clap will open with one hand using the "Flex" band. The spring loaded C clamp remains i... 

Tama Hoop Grip Clamp

The Tama Hoop Grip Clamp clamps on to many styles of drum hoop creating a method for the player to expand their percussion options. Dual position post mount - Op...