Wagner-Spacewalk (S-n2)-2DS

Spacewalk is a duo for 2 Drum Sets by German composer Tom Wagner. Each drum set requires 3 Tom Toms, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, & Splash. Number of players: 2 D... 


Augmentation and Flotation by Elisabeth Amandi is a pair of drum set duets for the beginning to intermediate players. Improvisation plays a big role in both pieces. Numb... 

Keown-Funk for Two (2S)-2DS

Funk For Two by Alan Keown is a rockin' drum set duet that will really inspire students. The players will learn some great concepts, as well as have some serious fun. No im... 

Houllif-Contest Duets for Intermediate Drum Set Players-( 2S)-2DS

Contest Duets for Intermediate Drum Set Players by Murray Houllif is 4 original duets in a variety of popular styles for grade 3-4 players. 

Brosh-Global Timeline (Sn-2)

Number of Players: 4 Difficulty: Grade 5 Instrumentation: Player I: Cowbells, Timbale, Snare Drum Player II: Drumset Player III: Cowbe... 

LeVan-Rhythmic Odyssey (2S)-2DS

Rhythmic Odyssey by Rickard K LeVan is scored for two four piece drum sets. An optional cowbell, tambourine or effect can be used. 

Karas-Takes Two (SP)-2DS

Takes Two by Sperie Karas is a two part suite for two drumsets. 

Vloet-Teamwork for Two (SP)-2DS

Teamwork For Two by Luuk Van Der Vloet is scored as a drum set duet. 

Kaiser-Double Flanging I (2S)-2DS

Double Flanging I by Leander Kaiser is scored as a drum set duet. 

Sponsel-Soca Drum Duet, The/Gemini(2S)-2DS

This is a collection of two shorter compositions for drum set duo. "Gemini" is written in the swing style. In addition to joint unisono playing, it provides both drummers with... 

Kettle-Traps (2S)-DS

Traps by Ruppert Kettle is composed for 2 players playing one drum set. 

Kopetzki-Festival for Sticks-DS

Festival for Sticks is a collection of pieces that are meant for the first years at the Drum-Set. Although primarily planned as a duo the parts are thus composed that they can... 


Rip-Off by Richard Kvistad is a drum set duet that can also be performed on 2 sets of timpani or concert toms. 

Brosh-Parallels(S-n2)-2DS/electronic perc. OS

Parallels by Robert Brosh is composed as a drum set duo with one of the players triggering electronic sounds. 

LaRosa-One for Two-2DS

Michael LaRosa's One for Two is a drum set duet for beginner to intermediate players. 

LeVan-Five On Five (2S)-2DS

Five on Five by Richard K LeVan is written for two four piece drum sets. An optional cowbell, tambourine or effect may be used. 

Kopetzki-Maize Maze (SP)-2DS

Maize Maze by Eckhard Kopetzki is a groove based drum set duet written for performers with an intermediate to advanced skill set. -Number of players: 2 -Instrumentati... 

LeVan-Set of Four-2DS

Set of Four by Richard K LeVan is a collection 4 drum set duets. 

Kaiser-Double Flanging II (2S)-2DS

Double Flanging II by Leander Kaiser is scored as a drum set duet. 

LaRosa-Swing Shift(2S)-2DS

Swing Shift by Michael LaRosa is a drum set duet that features some parts where the players are given a chance to ad-lib.