Drum Set Duet Sheet Music

Wagner-Spacewalk (S-n2)-2DS

Spacewalk is a duo for 2 Drum Sets by German composer Tom Wagner. Each drum set requires 3 Tom Toms, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, & Splash. Number of players: 2 D... 

Keown-Funk for Two (2S)-2DS

Funk For Two by Alan Keown is a rockin' drum set duet that will really inspire students. The players will learn some great concepts, as well as have some serious fun. No im... 


Augmentation and Flotation by Elisabeth Amandi is a pair of drum set duets for the beginning to intermediate players. Improvisation plays a big role in both pieces. Numb... 

Houllif-Contest Duets for Intermediate Drum Set Players-( 2S)-2DS

Contest Duets for Intermediate Drum Set Players by Murray Houllif is 4 original duets in a variety of popular styles for grade 3-4 players. 

LeVan-Rhythmic Odyssey (2S)-2DS

Rhythmic Odyssey by Rickard K LeVan is scored for two four piece drum sets. An optional cowbell, tambourine or effect can be used. 

Brosh-Global Timeline (Sn-2)

Number of Players: 4 Difficulty: Grade 5 Instrumentation: Player I: Cowbells, Timbale, Snare Drum Player II: Drumset Player III: Cowbe... 

Vloet-Teamwork for Two (SP)-2DS

Teamwork For Two by Luuk Van Der Vloet is scored as a drum set duet. 

Karas-Takes Two (SP)-2DS

Takes Two by Sperie Karas is a two part suite for two drumsets. 

Sponsel-Soca Drum Duet, The/Gemini(2S)-2DS

This is a collection of two shorter compositions for drum set duo. "Gemini" is written in the swing style. In addition to joint unisono playing, it provides both drummers with... 

Kaiser-Double Flanging I (2S)-2DS

Double Flanging I by Leander Kaiser is scored as a drum set duet. 

Kettle-Traps (2S)-DS

Traps by Ruppert Kettle is composed for 2 players playing one drum set. 


Rip-Off by Richard Kvistad is a drum set duet that can also be performed on 2 sets of timpani or concert toms. 

Kopetzki-Maize Maze (SP)-2DS

Maize Maze by Eckhard Kopetzki is a groove based drum set duet written for performers with an intermediate to advanced skill set. -Number of players: 2 -Instrumentati... 

Kopetzki-Festival for Sticks-DS

Festival for Sticks is a collection of pieces that are meant for the first years at the Drum-Set. Although primarily planned as a duo the parts are thus composed that they can... 

LaRosa-One for Two-2DS

Michael LaRosa's One for Two is a drum set duet for beginner to intermediate players. 

Brosh-Parallels(S-n2)-2DS/electronic perc. OS

Parallels by Robert Brosh is composed as a drum set duo with one of the players triggering electronic sounds. 

LeVan-Five On Five (2S)-2DS

Five on Five by Richard K LeVan is written for two four piece drum sets. An optional cowbell, tambourine or effect may be used. 

LeVan-Set of Four-2DS

Set of Four by Richard K LeVan is a collection 4 drum set duets. 

LaRosa-Swing Shift(2S)-2DS

Swing Shift by Michael LaRosa is a drum set duet that features some parts where the players are given a chance to ad-lib. 

Kaiser-Double Flanging II (2S)-2DS

Double Flanging II by Leander Kaiser is scored as a drum set duet.