dave matthews band-best of dave matthews band (drum transcr.)

Dave Matthews Band-Best of Dave Matthews Band (Drum transcr.)

Note-for-note transcriptions of Carter Beauford's great drum work on 10 DMB hits. Includes: • Ants Marching • Crash Into Me • Don't Drink Th... 


gadd/filipski-steve gadd book, the

Gadd/Filipski-Steve Gadd Book, The

The Steve Gadd drumming transcriptions book honors the talents of one of the greatest drummers in the entire world: the amazing Steve Gadd. The book includes thirty stylistica... 


bergamini-classic tracks (drum transcr.)

Bergamini-Classic Tracks (drum transcr.)

MD Classic Tracks is a learning tool for the contemporary drummer. It contains transcriptions of thirteen tracks (some never before in print!) recorded by some of the most imp... 


beatles-beatles drum collection

Beatles-Beatles Drum Collection

This transcription book lets drummers examine Ringo's note-for-note tracks to 25 classics by The Beatles. Includes: Back In The U.S.S.R. Birthday Can't B... 


dave matthews band-fan favorites

Dave Matthews Band-Fan Favorites

Exact drum transcriptions of every Carter Beauford beat from 10 of the most requested DMB hits. Includes: Crush Dancing Nancies Everyday Grey Street ... 


bergamini-drum techniques of led zeppelin

Bergamini-Drum Techniques of Led Zeppelin

John Bonham is one of the legends of rock 'n' roll, and his drumming style helped to elevate Led Zeppelin to greatness. This revised edition contains 23 of Bonham's most famou... 


deep purple-greatest hits (transcribed score w/drum s)

Deep Purple-Greatest Hits (transcribed score w/drum s)

Complete scores of your favorite Deep Purple tunes! Includes: Black Night Child in Time Highway Star Lazy Smoke on the Water Space Truckin' Speed K... 


steely dan-best of steely dan (transcribed score w/drum s)

Steely Dan-Best of Steely Dan (transcribed score w/drum s)

10 songs from this highly acclaimed jazz/rock supergroup. Includes: Aja Black Friday Deacon Blues Do It Again Hey Nineteen Kid Charlemagne ... 


wheeler-drum techniques of rush

Wheeler-Drum Techniques of Rush

The ultimate Rush drum transcription book! These transcriptions are a great way to get inside the head of one of the masters of drumming - the legendary Neil Peart. I... 


rush-ultimate drum playalong (w/cd)

Rush-Ultimate Drum Playalong (w/CD)

Here it is - the Rush Ultimate Drum Playalong ! Along with the book is the play-along CD with TNT (tone n' tempo changer) so you can play at your own speed and work u... 


blink 182-best of blink 182

Blink 182-Best of Blink 182

Features Travis Barker's bashing beats from a baker's dozen of blink-182's best, transcribed note for note, exactly as recorded. Includes: Adam's Song Aliens... 


police-greatest hits

Police-Greatest Hits

This title in our Transcribed Scores series features note-for-note transcriptions (with guitar and bass tab) for every note played by Sting, Stuart and Andy on seven top Polic... 


rush-moving pictures (drum transcriptions)

Rush-Moving Pictures (drum transcriptions)

Considered to be Rush's best album both commercially and critically, these standout tracks from "Moving Pictures" are all staples of classic rock radio. Featuring more synthes... 


weather report-the best of (transcribed score w/drum s)

Weather Report-The Best Of (transcribed score w/drum s)

A collection of 14 of their very best songs. Includes: Badia/Boogie Woogie Waltz Medley Birdland Black Market Brown Street 8:30 Mr. Gone ... 


hal leonard drum play-along-'90's rock vol. 6

Hal Leonard Drum Play-Along-'90's Rock vol. 6

Play your favorite songs quickly and easily with your favorite 90's rock songs with the 90's Rock - Drum Play-Along series. Just follow the drum notation, listen to t... 


queen-best of queen (trans. score)

Queen-Best of Queen (Trans. Score)

Play 15 Queen classics note-for-note with these detailed transcriptions that match every instrument used on the original recordings. Includes: Bohemian Rhapsody... 


wheeler-more drum techniques of rush

Wheeler-More Drum Techniques of Rush

Can't get enough Rush in your life? Heres the answer. Transcriptions of some of the classics that made Rush famous, as played by the legendary Neil Peart. Includes: ... 


aerosmith-big ones (transcr.)

Aerosmith-Big Ones (transcr.)

All 15 megahits from Aerosmith's multi-platinum best-of album, with every instrument and lyric part transcribed note-for-note! Includes: Amazing (It's Amazing) ... 


red hot chili peppers-best of (transcribed score w/drum s)

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Best of (transcribed score w/drum s)

Note-for-note drum transcriptions for every funky beat blasted by Chad Smith on 20 hits from Mother's Milk through By the Way! Includes: Aeroplane Breaking ... 


blood, sweat and tears-the best of (transcribed score w/drum s)

Blood, Sweat and Tears-The Best Of (transcribed score w/drum s)

Complete scores of your favorite Blood, Sweat and Tears tunes! And When I Die GO Down Gamblin' God Bless The Child Lucretia Mac Evil Sometimes In The Winter...