Ride Cymbals

zildjian 22" zbt ride

Zildjian 22" ZBT Ride

The Zildjian 22" ZBT ride will deliver a precise tone augmented by clean stick definition. -Bell Size: Medium -Profile: Medium -Pitch: Mid -Sou... 

sabian 21" aa rock ride cymbal

Sabian 21" AA Rock Ride Cymbal

The Sabian 21" AA Rock Ride Cymbal features a big, bright bell and solid, full-bodied sticking that add up to aggressively loud and penetrating power. 

bosphorus 18" antique series jazz crash ride cymbal

Bosphorus 18" Antique Series Jazz Crash Ride Cymbal

The Antique Series marries the two lathing patterns found on the Traditional Series and the Turk Series. These cymbals offer the brilliance of a classic, lathed cymbal and the... 

dream 22" contact series crash ride cymbal

Dream 22" Contact Series Crash Ride Cymbal

The Dream Contact Series 22" Crash Ride delivers a higher pitch that is still rich and warm. The crash element of this cymbal is loud but controlled. A perfect musical acce... 

zildjian 22" a custom ride cymbal

Zildjian 22" A Custom Ride Cymbal

The Zildjian 22" A Custom Ride Cymbal features good Stick definition, yet a good degree of colorful, warmer undertones. Category: A Custom Series Type: Rides Size... 

paiste 20" formula 602 classic medium ride cymbal

Paiste 20" Formula 602 Classic Medium Ride Cymbal

The legendary Paiste 20″ Formula 602 Medium Ride Cymbal has been faithfully recreated with all of its vintage sound and looks. Renowned and loved for its fine, pure, ... 

sabian 20" vault artisan light ride cymbal

Sabian 20" Vault Artisan Light Ride Cymbal

The Sabian Artisan 20" Light Ride Cymbal features a crisp, clean stick click with a sizzling hot low-end tone, while a touch of bite in the overall response reinforces the fac... 

sabian 20" aax metal ride cymbal

Sabian 20" AAX Metal Ride Cymbal

Extremely bright, dry and well-defined ride and bell responses. The ultimate for getting your sticking heard. 

dream 22" energy series ride cymbal

Dream 22" Energy Series Ride Cymbal

The Dream Energy 22″ Ride is a monster of Rock. The un-lathed bell provides a nice tightness while still allowing this 22″ beast to explode with thunderous cras... 

sabian 20" hhx evolution ride cymbal

Sabian 20" HHX Evolution Ride Cymbal

Crisp stick attack combines with a warm, low undertone and highpitched bell in a responsive ride with crash capability. 

dream 20" contact series crash ride cymbal

Dream 20" Contact Series Crash Ride Cymbal

The Dream 20" Contact Series Crash Ride Cymbal delivers a bright full crash with medium decay and a full spectrum wash. A perfect musical accent. The stick feel is lively a... 

sabian 21" hh vintage ride cymbal

Sabian 21" HH Vintage Ride Cymbal

The Sabian 21" HH Vintage Ride Cymbal has a high shape and large bell. the Vintage Ride is big on volume and tone. Great for jazz, rock and beyond. Style - Vint... 

bosphorus 22" new orleans series ride cymbal

Bosphorus 22" New Orleans Series Ride Cymbal

The Bosphorus New Orleans 22" Ride is has a fantastic dry stick definition that is great for a variety of different styles. This is a thin ride that is in between their "Trad... 

bosphorus 20" turk series flat ride cymbal

Bosphorus 20" Turk Series Flat Ride Cymbal

Shimmery, silvery, sounding ride that produce a very mellow yet defined ping with minimal spread. Overall mid-range in sound, sticks speak with a tight, high pitched slap. A g... 

zildjian 20" s series medium ride cymbal

Zildjian 20" S Series Medium Ride Cymbal

The Zildjian S Series Medium Ride will produce an articulate bright sound. The Medium weight of this cymbal will make for lots of stick definition and great bell tones. The... 

sabian 19" hhx omni cymbal

Sabian 19" HHX Omni Cymbal

The Sabian 119OMX 19" HHX Omni was designed with Jojo Mayer to deliver the ultimate in sonic contrast and versatility. This new dark Omni provides more nuanced tone on the rid... 

paiste 20" signature full ride cymbal

Paiste 20" Signature Full Ride Cymbal

The Paiste 20″ Signature Series Full Ride Cymbal is medium bright, full, rich. Wide range, balanced mix. Even response with clear, silvery stick sound supported by fu... 

zildjian 20" rock ride cymbal

Zildjian 20" Rock Ride Cymbal

The Zildjian 20" A Series Rock Ride Cymbal features a strong ride beat and cutting bell sound. Category: A Zildjian Series Type: Rides Size: 20 Weight: Heavy... 

zildjian 20" a custom projection ride cymbal

Zildjian 20" A Custom Projection Ride Cymbal

The Zildjian 20" A Custom Projection Ride Cymbal has a beautiful, loud, clear bell and clean articulate "ping". The ride will produce just the right amount of shimmering under... 

dream 20" dark matter series energy ride cymbal

Dream 20" Dark Matter Series Energy Ride Cymbal

The Dream Dark Matter Series 20″ Ride is an unlathed cymbal that offer a dry, defined stick sound perfect for Jazz or light Rock. Players across the world have been g...