Snare Drum Duet Sheet Music

Paulson-Time on the Tracks-SD/TD/Prerecorded Train Effects

Time on the Tracks, in 3 movements, is a piece composed for snare drum, field drum and train sounds. The recorded train sounds consist of locomotives engines, whistles, hor... 

Kettle-Rudimental Rascals-2SD

Rupert Kettle's snare drum duet Rudimental Rascals, dedicated "to Solo and Ensemble Festival Adjudicators Everywhere," includes some great musical jokes. The tempo marking is ... 

Gremaud-Tom Tom Savane-P

Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 2 Instrumentation: Player I: Snare Drum, Low Tom-Tom Player II: Snare Drum, Low Tom-Tom  


Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 4 Instrumentation: 2 Snare Drums 

Paliev-Ens Duo de Peaux-Ser 19-24(2S)-SD/2T

Ensemble Duo de Peaux Numbers 19-24 by Dobri Paliev. This collection has six volumes each consisting of duets scored for one snare drum and two timpani. 

Texidor-Amparito Roca (SP)-Jeanne

Amparito Roca was composed in 1925 by Spanish musician and composer Jaime Teixidor (1884–1957) who named it after one of his piano students, then 12-year-old Amparito Ro... 

Christian-Twin Sight

Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 3+ Instrumentation: 2 Snare Drums 

Schlarmann-Sticktricks (2S)-2SD

Sticktricks by Felix Schlarmann is a collection of four snare drum duets which can be played as a group as well. These pieces contain rudiments as well as "trucks" and will st... 

Kirchert-...against surface (S)-2SD

...Against Surface is based on the idea that tries to musically expand the versatility of the concert drum by means of double instrumentation, rather than to present it as a v...