Timpani Sheet Music with Accompaniment

Macbride-Elegy (SP)-3T/HN

David Macbride's Elegy for horn (in F) and timpani was composed for Adrienne & Tracy Wiggins. Piece comes with Score and separate horn part. Timpanist plays from the ... 

Susman-Floating Falling (SP)-6T/VC

Floating Falling by William Susman is written as a duet for cello and timpani. It was originally premiered by Jonathan Haas (timpani) and André Emelianoff (cell... 

Daugherty-Raise the Roof (SP)-5T/P/PN red.

Michael Daugherty's Raise the Roof (2003)for timpani and orchestra is a 13-minute work that was inspired by the construction of grand architectural wonders such as the ... 

Handel-Rejoicing, The arr. Leonard-(SP)-4T/OR

The Rejoicing from Handel's Royal Fireworks Music is arranged here by Stanley Leonard for Organ and Timpani. This famous fanfare is ideal for this instrumentati... 

Schinstine-Sonata #1 (SP)-4T/PN

William Schinstine's Sonata No. 1 for timpani and piano contains three movements which explore in-depth the melodic and rhythmic possibilities of the timpani. Used four drums... 

Badings-Passacaglia (SP)-4T/OR

Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 6 Instrumentation: Player I: 4 Timpani Player II: Organ  


Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 2+ Instrumentation: Player I: 4 Timpani Player II: Piano  

Handel-Hornpipe arr. Leonard (SP)-3T/OR

Stanley Leonard's arrangement of the Hornpipe from Handel's Water Music Suite in D is set for Organ and Timpani. This is a wonderful arrangement for weddings, r... 

Bazelon-Fire and Smoke (S)-4T/Orch

Number of Players: 5 Percussionists and Wind Ensemble Difficulty: Grade 5 Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble: Piccolo, Flutes 1 and 2, Oboes 1 and 2, Eb Clarinet, C... 

Arevalo-Meridian (SP)-4T/VC/PN

Number of Players: 3 Difficulty: Grade 6 Instrumentation: Player I: Piano Player II: Cello Player III: 5 Timpani  

Graeffe-Scherzo for Four Timpani and Piano

Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 4 Instrumentation: Player I: 4 Timpani Player II: Piano  

Oliverio-Dynasty Double Timpani Concerto (Solo parts ONLY)-10T (2 players)/Orch.

Dynasty Double Timpani Concerto by James Oliverio consists of integrated melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic material adorning a tightly constructed metric architecture. 

Mancini, D.-Jubilee Concerto (SP) - 5T(solo)/M/V/C/B/P/PN

Jubliee Concerto is dedicated to John Beck, former teacher of composer David Mancini. "This piece was originally written for my percussion teacher, John Beck, to... 

Sarmientos-Concerto for Five Timpani and Orchestra (Piano reduction w/perc. ens.) (SP)-5T/P/PN

Concerto for Five Timpani and Orchestra Op. 18 by Jorge Sarmientos. Includes piano reduction for movements I and III and percussion ensemble version for movement II. 

Howden-Trek to Gongga Shan (SP)-Solo 5T/B/2V/C/Cro./2M/P

Trek to Gongga Shan by Moses Mark Howden is a tone poem for solo timpani (5 drums) and percussion ensemble. This piece depicts the physical and spiritual journey of a mountain... 

Matthus-Der Wald (SP)-6T/Orch

Siegfried Matthus is a composer notable for the broad spectrum of his musical output. Apart from writing works for the stage he has given special attention to pieces for solo ... 

Erickson-Pacific Sirens 4 or 5T/unspecifed instruments and/or vo

Number of Players: 6-15 (with CD accompaniment) Difficulty: Grade 6 Instrumentation: 3-4 Timpani, Open Instrumentation