spiro-conga drummer's guidebook

Spiro-Conga Drummer's Guidebook

"The Conga Drummer's Guidebook" by Michael Spiro is the only method book specifically designed for intermediate to advanced conga drummers---packed with exercises on every as... 


assis-brazilian pandeiro (w/dvd)

Assis-Brazilian Pandeiro (w/DVD)

After the publication of his first two method books "Brazilian Percussion" and "Atabaque – the Brazilian Conga", the Brazilian percussionist Gilson de Assis is now intro... 


morales-matos-techniques and basic patterns for congas, timbales, bongos (w/mp3 download)

Morales-Matos-Techniques and Basic Patterns for Congas, Timbales, Bongos (w/mp3 download)

Techniques and Basic Patterns for Congas, Timbales, and Bongos is written by the Hand Drummer and Assistant Conductor for Broadway's The Lion King : Rolando Mo... 


bourdon-african rhythms for percussion (w/cd)

Bourdon-African Rhythms for Percussion (w/CD)

Christian Bourdon's new book features traditional and modern African rhythms for conga, tumba, and djembe. The focus is on special playing techniques (floating hand, bascules)... 


sheronick-riq: basics of the middle eastern tambourine (book & dvd)

Sheronick-Riq: Basics of the Middle Eastern Tambourine (book & DVD)

Yousif Sheronick guides you from the basics of holding the Riq all the way through playing and embellishing traditional Middle Eastern Rhythms in both Cabaret and Soft positio... 


sanchez-conga cookbook (w/cd)

Sanchez-Conga Cookbook (w/CD)

Grammy-award winning conga player Poncho Sanchez and Chuck Silverman have joined forces to produce the Conga Cookbook - a book of riffs for beginning conga players or p... 


hidalgo-the ultimate conguero volume 1 (book & cd)

Hidalgo-The Ultimate Conguero Volume 1 (Book & CD)

When anyone hears or sees Giovanni Hidalgo perform they are impressed by his technique, his musicianship and his ability to make the music come to life. The basics on which he... 


amira-music of santeria: traditional rhythms of the bata drums (w/cd)

Amira-Music of Santeria: Traditional Rhythms of the Bata Drums (w/CD)

Santeria is an Afro-Latin religion with roots in both African and Catholic traditions. This is the only English-language study of Santeria's sacred rhythms, with performance i... 


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assis-brazilian conga - atabaque (w/cd)

Assis-Brazilian Conga - Atabaque (w/CD)

Brazilian Conga (Atabaque) by Gilson de Assis opens the door to new worlds for the devotees of a fantastic instrument: the Brazilian atabaque with its rhythms adapted t... 


rosauro-abc&#39s of brazilian percussion (w/dvd)

Rosauro-ABC's of Brazilian Percussion (w/DVD)

Ney Rosauro's The ABC's of Brazilian Percussoin Book and DVD is the best way to teach yourself how to play the essential Brazilian percussion instruments. Features i... 


donald-arabic tambourine (book only)

Donald-Arabic Tambourine (Book Only)

Arabic Tambourine by Mary Ellen Donald presents a comprehensive course in techniques and performance for the tambourine, tar, and mazhar. This extensive book includes ... 


eduardo/kumor-drum circle: guide to world percussion (w/cd)

Eduardo/Kumor-Drum Circle: Guide to World Percussion (w/CD)

Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion by Chalo Eduardo & Frank Kumo is a book no percussionist should be without! This unique guide to world percussion features des... 


glennie-beat it! african dances (cd)

Glennie-Beat It! African Dances (CD)

Beat it ! African Dances is a brilliant resource for both general and more specialised music teachers working with beginner percussion groups. It presents sixteen contrasting ... 


courtney-learning the tabla (w/cd)

Courtney-Learning the Tabla (w/CD)

The tabla, a hand drum which originated in India, has become very popular throughout the world. David Courtney's Learning the Tabla covers everything you need to know t... 


kalani/camara-west african drums & dance teacher's guide (w/cd and dvd)

Kalani/Camara-West African Drums & Dance Teacher's Guide (W/CD and DVD)

The rhythms and dances of Guinea, West Africa spring to life in this ground-breaking multimedia collection, West African Drums & Dance from award-winning author Kalani... 


kalani-all about hand percussion (w/cd)

Kalani-All About Hand Percussion (w/CD)

All About Hand Percussion has everything you need to know to start playing now! Kalani's All About series contains in-depth coverage of popular percussion... 


neciosup/rosa-beyond "the secret hand" (cd)

Neciosup/Rosa-Beyond "The Secret Hand" (CD)

This book/CD pack is designed for the hand drummer that is eager to step up to the next level in performance. You will develop a good sound by incorporating strengthening exer... 


lekszycki-ritmos de cuba (w/cd)

Lekszycki-Ritmos de Cuba (w/CD)

Ritmos de Cuba - Cuban Rhythms for Percussion and Drumset by Ruy Lopez-Nussa Lekszycki addresses various obstacles and difficulties that percussionist have with regard ... 


williams-learning mbira (w/2cd)

Williams-Learning Mbira (w/2CD)

A great introduction to this ancient African instrument, Learning Mbira by B. Michael Williams offers a very accessible collection of basic repertoire for the mbira. T... 


caruba-afro-cuban drumming (w/cd)

Caruba-Afro-Cuban Drumming (w/CD)

Afro-Cuban Drumming by Glen Caruba covers multiple facets of this ever-popular style of music. Instruments covered include: congas, bongos, timbales, cowbell, and djem...