reed-bongo and conga drum technique

Reed-Bongo and Conga Drum Technique

Ted Reed's Bongo and Conga Drum Technique cover all the basic of hand drumming. Basic rhythms, variations, fill-ins, short solos for the bolero, cha-cha, merengue, m... 


eduardo/kumor-drum circle: guide to world percussion book only

Eduardo/Kumor-Drum Circle: Guide to World Percussion BOOK ONLY

Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion by Chalo Eduardo & Frank Kumor is a book no percussionist should be without! This unique guide to world percussion features de... 


dworsky/sansby-secrets of the hand

Dworsky/Sansby-Secrets of the Hand

This book is for advanced hand drummers who want to play complex solos using simple sequences of hand strokes. Whether you play Djembe, conga, or ashiko, the practical hand-pa... 


berlioz-conga/tumba method (vol 1)

Berlioz-Conga/Tumba Method (Vol 1)

The purpose of Congas Tumba Volume 1 by Gerard Berlioz is to instill a base set of skills and knowledge of the instrument. A collection exercises and terminology only serve to... 


tanner-steel band game plan

Tanner-Steel Band Game Plan

The Steel Band Game Plan: Strategies for Starting, Building, and Maintaining Your Pan Program, the first comprehensive resource devoted to steel band pedagogy, is a must-have ... 


kalani/camara-west african drum and dance student enrichment book

Kalani/Camara-West African Drum and Dance Student Enrichment Book

The rhythms and dances of Guinea, West Africa spring to life in this ground-breaking multimedia collection, West African Drums & Dance from award-winning author Kalani... 


grosso-hand drumming essentials

Grosso-Hand Drumming Essentials

Hand Drumming Essentials by C.A Grosso teaches the essential skills needed to master many traditional to exotic hand percussion. This book is packed with techniques and exerci... 


torre-djembe method for technical and creative development

Torre-Djembe Method for Technical and Creative Development

Djembe Method for Technical and Creative Development by Ivano Torre is a collection of exercises that is intended to teach the techniques associated with Djembe.  


aspiotes-learn to play the dumbeg

Aspiotes-Learn to Play the Dumbeg

Learn To Play The Dumbeg by Gust Aspiotes is a collection of techniques notation and terminology intended to instill the basics of this Middle Eastern Percussive instrument.  




The Derabucca by Halim El-Dabh is a resource for traditional Derabucca (doumbek) hand techniques and notations used in music. A collection of exercises will serve to improve t... 


grosso-hand drumming ensembles

Grosso-Hand Drumming Ensembles

C.A Grosso composed Hand Drumming Ensembles to teach the essentials of a percussion ensemble through the study of 12 full performance scores.  


sabanovich-brazilian percussion manual

Sabanovich-Brazilian Percussion Manual

This manual introduces the percussionist to Brazilian instruments, rhythms, techniques and history. Includes complete applications for the drum set and two model pieces (with ... 


evans-authentic conga rhythms (revised)

Evans-Authentic Conga Rhythms (Revised)

Authentic Conga Rhythms buy Bob Evans is designed make traditional conga rhythms second nature giving the student of this text the ability to develop their own voice on the in... 


morales/adler-how to play latin american rhythms

Morales/Adler-How to Play Latin American Rhythms

The bible of Latin patterns and sounds. This compendium of native instruments shows how each instrument plays its part of the beat. There is also a special section of suppleme... 


feldman-learning tabla with alla rakha(book & video set)

Feldman-Learning Tabla With Alla Rakha(BOOK & VIDEO SET)

.This book is an introduction to the tabla as taught by Alla Rakha. It is also Ustad Alla Rakha's introduction to his Punjab Style of solo tabla performance,with its character... 


burt-beck-playing the african mbira

Burt-Beck-Playing the African Mbira

Playing The African Mbira by Carol Burt-Beck is to give a practical and logical method by which the fundamental principles of playing the instrument can be established. Histor... 


gerard-salsa: the rhythm of latin music

Gerard-Salsa: The Rhythm of Latin Music

Salsa! The Rhythm of Latin Music provides an intuitive look at the enormously popular Latin Music. This insiders perspective is informative and fun.  


isaak-african rhythms & beats

Isaak-African Rhythms & Beats

African rhythm and beats by Calla Isaak is written as a method to introduce the excitement of African rhythms and music to students. The sequence used by this book can be ap... 


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mauleon-salsa guidebook

Mauleon-Salsa Guidebook

The Salsa Guide book by Rebeca Mauleon is a complete guide to classic Salsa music ensembles and the musical techniques they employed.