alan abel 06" symphonic triangle

Alan Abel 06" Symphonic Triangle

The Alan Abel 6″ Symphonic Triangle has a crisp, clean attack, and beautiful overtones. The Symphonic Triangle is perfect for all around playing. Created by Ala... 


alan abel 06" wagner-mahler triangle

Alan Abel 06" Wagner-Mahler Triangle

The Alan Abel 6" Wagner-Mahler Triangle a crisp, clean attack, and beautiful overtones. The Wagner-Mahler Triangle is a bit heavier than the 6" symphonic model. Create... 


weiss metal triangle clip

Weiss Metal Triangle Clip

The Steve Weiss Triangle Clip is the less expensive way to clip your favorite Triangle to a music stand or other similar surface.  


black swamp triangle pack

Black Swamp Triangle Pack

The Black Swamp triangle performance pack is perfect for the musician in need of a triangle and accessories at a discounted price. This pack includes one each of: ... 


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black swamp 06" artisan triangle

Black Swamp 06" Artisan Triangle

The Black Swamp AT6 6" Artisan Triangle has a versatile dynamic range, and remarkable tone, for a superior general use triangle. Black Swamp steel Artisan triangles sou... 


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pearl stix-free triangle holder

Pearl Stix-Free Triangle Holder

Pearl Percussion Stix-Free Triangle Holder. Includes 8" Triangle and enables the player to strike the triangle using only the bare hand.....Ohhhh, the possibilities! F... 


danmar triangle clip

Danmar Triangle Clip

The Danmar Triangle Clip is an affordable option to attach a triangle to a music stand. 


grover super-overtone triangle

Grover Super-Overtone Triangle

Grover Super-Overtone Triangles are a culmination of years of extensive research and experimentation. Each triangle is forged from a specially treated high-carbon steel all... 



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matt nolan nigel shipway signature triangles

Matt Nolan Nigel Shipway Signature Triangles

The Matt Nolan Nigel Shipway Signature triangle range are curved sided orchestral triangles in a carefully selected brass alloy. These triangles are especially good for pia... 



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black swamp triangle clip

Black Swamp Triangle Clip

The Black Swamp TRCLIP Triangle Clip is for those who need a little extra security and confidence during their triangle performance. The TRCLIP features a spring action clip ... 


danmar triangle instrument (table model)

Danmar Triangle Instrument (Table Model)

The Danmar 17B Triangle instrument features a triangle complete with a table top mounting holder. 


black swamp 08" artisan triangle

Black Swamp 08" Artisan Triangle

The Black Swamp AT8 8" Artisan Triangle produces a larger sound and heftier tone than the Black Swamp AT6, yet still appropriate for general use applications when more body or... 


alan abel 04" small triangle

Alan Abel 04" Small Triangle

The Alan Abel 4" Triangle has a crisp, clean attack, and beautiful overtones. The Small Triangle version is perfect for thinly scored and orchestrated music. Created b... 


pearl elite concert triangle clip

Pearl Elite Concert Triangle Clip

The Pearl Concert Triangle Clip allows you to attach a symphonic triangle to a music stand or similar surface. A rubber covering over the jaws and handle of this metal clip s... 


sabian 06" hand hammered triangle

Sabian 06" Hand Hammered Triangle

Sabian Triangles are made from pure B8 cymbal bronze alloy consisting of 8% tin and 92% copper with traces of silver and produce a bright, shimmering sound with just the right... 


weiss wooden triangle clip

Weiss Wooden Triangle Clip

This Steve Weiss brand wooden triangle clip performs the same function as higher priced versions. Clip any triangle onto almost anything using this economically priced clip... 


matt nolan infinitri triangles

Matt Nolan InfiniTri Triangles

The Matt Nolan InfiniTri triangle are hand hammered with an equilateral shape. These orchestral triangles are forged in a proprietary Bronze alloy. These triangles are made... 



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patterson triangle clip

Patterson Triangle Clip

The Patterson Triangle Clip is one of the best on the market today and features a LifeTime Warranty on the suspension line. If the line ever breaks, simply send the clip back... 


black swamp 06" spectrum triangle

Black Swamp 06" Spectrum Triangle

The Black Swamp SPT6 6" brass Spectrum Triangle features a full, rich sound with increased overtones when compared to the Artisan series. Black Swamp brass Spectrum tri... 


meinl liquid triangle

Meinl Liquid Triangle

The MEINL Liquid Triangle is a solid steel triangle, welded securely to a steel shell, creating a chamber which contains liquid and is closed with a very thin plate. The trian...