Wood Snare Drums

pearl signature omar hakim snare drum - 13x5

Pearl Signature Omar Hakim Snare Drum - 13x5

Anyone that has heard Omar Hakim perform will remember the power and dynamic tonality of his snare sound. The Omar Hakim Signature Series Snare Drum offers a unique voice that... 


pearl maple piccolo snare drum natural finish - 13x3

Pearl Maple Piccolo Snare Drum Natural Finish - 13x3

Pearl 13x3 Maple Piccolo Snare Drum in #102 Natural Lacquer Finish. This Drum features 1.6mm Steel Hoops, CL-05 Lugs, and SR-018 Strainer and S-029N Snares. 


ludwig satinwood maple snare drum (ls562t) - 12x6

Ludwig Satinwood Maple Snare Drum (LS562T) - 12x6

This Ludwig LS562T Snare Drum features the Satinwood finish and measures 12x6 in size. Ludwig wood snare drums are known for the fat back beat sound made popular by soul an... 


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pearl maple popcorn snare drum (m1060) - 10x6

Pearl Maple Popcorn Snare Drum (M1060) - 10x6

This "Popcorn" Snare is a delight to your aural taste buds. Inspired by the drummers of Memphis Tennessee, the Popcorn produces the super tight "pop" sound favored b... 


gretsch stanton moore signature maple snare drum - 14x4.5

Gretsch Stanton Moore Signature Maple Snare Drum - 14x4.5

The Gretsch Stanton Moore Signature Maple Snare Drum was created by Gretsch in collaboration with legendary funk stylist Stanton Moore. This is the drum that feeds Stanton's ... 


pearl free floating maple snare drum - 14x6.5

Pearl Free Floating Maple Snare Drum - 14x6.5

Pearl's Free Floating Series of Drums feature several types of shells and sizes. One will fit into your setup no matter what style you prefer. This Free Floating vers... 



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tama s.l.p. series studio maple snare - 14x6.5

Tama S.L.P. Series Studio Maple Snare - 14x6.5

From the Tama Sound Lab Project we bring you the Studio Maple Snare, a perfect example of what the Sound Lab Project is all about. This combination of top quality hardwood ... 


pearl poplar ebony mist firecracker snare drum - 10x5

Pearl Poplar Ebony Mist Firecracker Snare Drum - 10x5

The Pearl 10″ × 5″ Poplar Firecracker Snare Drum is sure to provide an explosive sound in a small package. Size: 10″ × 5″... 


pearl sensitone premium satin mahogany snare drum - 15x5

Pearl SensiTone Premium Satin Mahogany Snare Drum - 15x5

The Pearl STA1550MH325 15″×5″ Four Ply Mahogany Premimum Shell SensiTone has been engineered for performance perfection. The latest addition to the Sensit... 


pearl short fuse snare drum with mount - 10x4.5

Pearl Short Fuse Snare Drum with Mount - 10x4.5

The Pearl Short fuse Snare Drum is a perfect little accent snare that easily mounts to your kit or percussion rig with the included mount. The Poplar Shell is finished in a... 


tama s.l.p. g bubinga snare - 14x6

Tama S.L.P. G Bubinga Snare - 14x6

Tama Sound Lab Project brings you the G Bubinga snare drum. 12 ply 10mm bubinga shell gives a extraordinarily punchy sound filled out by lots of controlled low end. 2.3mm f... 


gretsch silver series maple snare 5x14

Gretsch Silver Series Maple Snare 5x14

This Gretsch Silver Series 14"x5" is the cornerstone of any drum rig. This 10 ply Maple shell uses the Gretsch Silver Sealer to give this drum a warm familiar tone. With d... 


pearl task specific free floating mahogany snare drum - 14x8

Pearl Task Specific Free Floating Mahogany Snare Drum - 14x8

The Pearl FTMH1480 14″ Mahogany Task Specific Free Floating Snare Drum is the ultimate in throaty, deep snare growl. The thick, 8 ply, 10mm African mahogany shell sh... 


pearl 13"x8" limited edition tamo maple power piccolo snare drum

Pearl 13"x8" Limited Edition Tamo Maple Power Piccolo Snare Drum

This Pearl Exclusive Snare Drum Of The Month is available only through special Pearl Dealers and is produced in a very limited quantity. This drum is a 13x8 Maple Power... 


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pearl sensitone premium maple snare drum - 14x5

Pearl SensiTone Premium Maple Snare Drum - 14x5

This Pearl Maple Snare drum is from the Premium SensiTone Line. It Features a 14"x5" 5.4mm High Quality Maple shell. Maple shell fits perfectly into that all around categor... 


tama s.l.p. classic maple snare drum - 14x5.5

Tama S.L.P. Classic Maple Snare Drum - 14x5.5

Tama's Sound Lab Project offers a wonderful warm classic sounding maple snare. The combination of this choice of a hardwood shell, Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snares a... 


pearl limited edition snare drum - maple 14x6.5

Pearl Limited Edition Snare Drum - Maple 14x6.5

The Pearl 14x6.5 Limited Edition Maple Snare Drum is the August 2016 release of the Pearl Snare drum Club. This club releases limited edition snares drums that offer... 


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dynamicx tamo ash exotic veneer series snare drum - 5.5x14

Dynamicx Tamo Ash Exotic Veneer Series Snare Drum - 5.5x14

A Tamo Ash veneered maple shell using only the most highly figured veneer, and finished in a stunning high gloss finish to bring out the detail.