davila-impressions on wood (book/cd)

Davila-Impressions on Wood (book/CD)

Julie Davila's marimba method book entiltled Impressions on Wood is a collection of 10 intermediate four mallet solos for the marimba. Lesson plans precede each solo ... 


lipner-jazz mallets: in session (cd)

Lipner-Jazz Mallets: In Session (CD)

Jazz Mallets: In Session by Arthur Lipner is a beginner's method for jazz vibes and marimba instruction. This 150 page book contains improv exercises, patterns, soloi... 


davis-voicing and comping for jazz vibraphone (cd)

Davis-Voicing and Comping for Jazz Vibraphone (CD)

Voicing and Comping for Jazz Vibraphone is the definitive guide to chordal playing for the contemporary vibraphonist. Written by well-known composer, cliniician, edu... 


sisto-jazz vibraphone book, the (cd)

Sisto-Jazz Vibraphone Book, The (CD)

Dick Sisto's The Jazz Vibraphone Book is a comprehensive view of the evolution of the vibraphone. Using originally composed solos in the styles of Lionel Hampton, R... 


samuels contemporary vibraphone technique volumes 1 & 2 (w/2cd)

Samuels Contemporary Vibraphone Technique Volumes 1 & 2 (w/2CD)

Dave Samuel's Contemporary Vibraphone Technique represents a new musical approach to mastering four-mallet technique. By applying both physical and theoretical principles o... 


saindon-berklee practice method: vibraphone (cd)

Saindon-Berklee Practice Method: Vibraphone (CD)

The Berklee Practice Method for vibraphone book/CD written by Ed Saindon is part of the Berklee Practice Method series of instrumental method books that teac... 


glassock-mallets for drummers (cd)

Glassock-Mallets for Drummers (CD)

Lynn Glassock's book Mallets for Drummers is designed as the perfect mallet method book for someone with a drumming background. Rhythmically interesting and fun piec... 


whaley-primary handbook for mallets (w/cd)

Whaley-Primary Handbook for Mallets (w/CD)

Internationally acclaimed by today's leading teachers, Primary Handbook for Mallets (xylophone, marimba, vibes, and bells) by Garwood Whaley is designed for the beginner of an... 


music minus one-for vibists only (cd)

Music Minus One-For Vibists Only (CD)

This album is designed so that you can learn the basics of playing the vibraphone. If you are a drummer it is never too late to start. If you already play keyboard percussion ... 


samuels-afro-cuban big band play-along (cd)

Samuels-Afro-Cuban Big Band Play-along (CD)

Dave Samuels' The Afro-Cuban Big Band Play-Along book and CD gives the mallet or C instrument player an opportunity to play contemporary Afro-Cuban music in a big band... 


samuels-contemporary vibraphone technique book 1 (w/cd)

Samuels-Contemporary Vibraphone Technique Book 1 (w/CD)

Dave Samuel's Contemporary Vibraphone Technique represents a new musical approach to mastering four-mallet technique. By applying both physical and theoretical princ... 


sher-the new real book

Sher-The New Real Book

THE NEW REAL BOOK contains over 200 of the most well known jazz tunes ever. From jazz classics and standards to more recent pop-fusion classics, this book was created by musi... 


houghton/nishigomi-keyboard percussion recital series (cd)

Houghton/Nishigomi-Keyboard Percussion Recital Series (CD)

A collection of five recital-type pieces that can be prepared in a short amount of time. The solos are very diverse, yet address many technical and musical aspects of the inst... 


lipner-solo jazz vibraphone etudes-v (w/demo cd)

Lipner-Solo Jazz Vibraphone Etudes-V (w/demo CD)

Arthur Lipner's Solo Jazz Vibraphone Etudes is a great, enjoyable collection of original jazz etudes for solo vibraphone. These etudes are intended for players of inte... 


greenblatt-blues scales (cd)

Greenblatt-Blues Scales (CD)

From saxophonist and educator Dan Greenblatt comes this marvelous book entitled The Blues Scales: Essential Tools for Jazz Improvisation . This book does a great job ... 


kovins-compendium for vibraphone (cd)

Kovins-Compendium For Vibraphone (CD)

Compendium for Vibraphone by David Kovins contains 110 progressive, multi-stylistic performance studies for 2,3, & 4 mallet vibraphone. The book is presented in a progressive... 


feldstein-first solo songbook(book only)

Feldstein-First Solo Songbook(BOOK ONLY)

First Solo Songbook is a great book for the beginning percussion student. Sandy Feldstein has put together a nice collection of 30 songs that only use the first six ... 


wessels-fresh approach to mallet percussion (with online audio access)

Wessels-Fresh Approach to Mallet Percussion (with online audio access)

Mark Wessels' book A Fresh Approach to Mallet Percussion presents a logical approach for developing music reading skills, technique and musicianship on the keyboard p... 


bergonzi-melodic rhythms (cd)

Bergonzi-Melodic Rhythms (CD)

From the Inside Improvisation series, this is Volume 4: Melodic Rhythms by Jerry Bergonzi. This book on improvisation will give you great insight on how to practice and play ... 


kovins-advanced progressive etudes (vibes) (cd)

Kovins-Advanced Progressive Etudes (Vibes) (CD)

From Hal Leonard's "The Vibraphone Virtuosity Series" is Advanced Progressive Etudes by David Kovins. David Kovins has performed throughout the U.S. as a percussioni...