stevens-method of movement for marimba

Stevens-Method of Movement for Marimba

Method of Movement for Marimba by master marimbist Leigh Howard Stevens is perhaps the most in depth marimba method book on the art of four mallet marimba playing. ... 


goldenberg-modern school for xylophone, marimba and vibraphone

Goldenberg-Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba and Vibraphone

The “Goldenberg book”— Modern School for Xylophone, Marimba, and Vibraphone by Morris Goldenberg—has been used by generations of orchestral ma... 


green-instruction course for xylophone

Green-Instruction Course for Xylophone

George Hamilton Green’s Instruction Course for Xylophone is the most comprehensive method for keyboard percussion ever written. This outstanding xylophone meth... 


ford-marimba: technique through music (w/dvd)

Ford-Marimba: Technique Through Music (w/DVD)

Marimba: Technique Through Music by Mark Ford is a collection of 16 etudes that are designed to help the intermediate four-mallet marimbist focus on specific stroke ... 


burton-four mallet studies

Burton-Four Mallet Studies

Four Mallet Studies is a complete method book for mallets by acclaimed vibist Gary Burton! The book opens with detailed pages of text and photos of hand positions, and... 


burton-introduction to jazz vibes

Burton-Introduction to Jazz Vibes

Introduction to Jazz Vibes , by Gary Burton, is the first true formative study written for jazz vibraphone. The purpose of this text, as stated by the author, is to "gai... 


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peters-fundamental method for mallets vol. 1

Peters-Fundamental Method for Mallets Vol. 1

Fundamental Method for Mallets by Mitchell Peters (principal percussionist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic) helps percussionists at any level develop solid skills. The... 


friedman-vibraphone technique: dampening and pedaling

Friedman-Vibraphone Technique: Dampening and Pedaling

Vibraphone Technique: Dampening and Pedaling is a method book for vibraphone of extraordinary importance. Written by David Friedman, this method book covers the art ... 


zeltsman-four-mallet marimba playing

Zeltsman-Four-Mallet Marimba Playing

Nancy Zeltman's marimba method book, Four Mallet Marimba Playing , is filled with all of the essentials of a great method from musical etudes designed for beginning an... 


bobo-permutations for the advanced marimbist

Bobo-Permutations for the Advanced Marimbist

Permutations For the Advanced Marimbist by Kevin Bobo is designed to give the marimbist a stronger and more fluid facility behind the keyboard through a process known a... 


bona-rhythmical articulation

Bona-Rhythmical Articulation

Bona's Rhythmical Articulation provides a great practical method for properly learning respective time values and their interaction within the context of musical phrase... 


metzger-art and language of jazz vibes, the (expanded text w/cd)

Metzger-Art and Language of Jazz Vibes, The (expanded text w/CD)

Jon Metzger's The Art and Language of Jazz Vibes is THE complete method for learning and understanding the nature of playing jazz vibraphone. This book offers a warm, ... 


howarth-simply four

Howarth-Simply Four

From Gifford Howarth is this fantastic four-mallet method book called Simply Four . Finally, a clear-cut method on the fundamentals of four-mallet percussion techniqu... 


green-advanced instructor for xylophone

Green-Advanced Instructor for Xylophone

This method book is a Steve Weiss Music exclusive. Advance Instructor for Xylophone was out of print until Steve Weiss found a copy in the personal collection of Michael Books... 


gottlieb-masterworks for mallets

Gottlieb-Masterworks for Mallets

Masterworks for Mallets is a collection of 50 transcriptions and arrangements of classical masterpieces from composers such as Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, and more. Beth Got... 


whaley-fundamental studies for mallets

Whaley-Fundamental Studies for Mallets

Fundamental Studies for Mallets is a collection of progressive studies for the beginning student from percussion master Garwood Whaley. It is divided into three section... 


bailey-mental and manual calisthenics

Bailey-Mental and Manual Calisthenics

Buster Bailey’s Mental and Manual Calisthenics is a collection of 249 technique-building exercises and 34 special contemporary studies for the advanced player... 


stout-ideo-kinetics, a workbook for marimba technique

Stout-Ideo-Kinetics, A Workbook for Marimba Technique

Develop more confidence in your playing with Ideo-Kinetics : A Workbook for Marimba Technique by Gordon Stout. In his landmark technique book, Gordon Stout shares his in... 


lipner-vibes real book

Lipner-Vibes Real Book

The Vibes Real book by Arthur Lipner is a comprehensive, concise work addressing the needs of all students of the vibraphone. Lipner combines history, theory, techni... 


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anderson, d.-well-tempered mallet studies

Anderson, D.-Well-Tempered Mallet Studies

Dale Anderson arranged the 24 studies contained in Well-Tempered Mallet Studies in chromatic sequence, one major and one minor study in each key, in order to give the...