Mallet Instrument Method Books

Levenson-Fifty Selected Studies for the Violin

Charles Levenson's Fifty Selected Studies for violin in first position fits the range of the xylophone perfectly. This book develops technique and familiarizes the student wit... 

Chauviere-First Studies for Xylophone

First Etudes for Xylophone by Joel Chauviere is a collection of studies designed to develop technique and musicianship in the student. 

Chantereau-Technique Pianorimba vol. 3: Arpeggios

This is Volume 3: Arpeggios - in Marc Chantereau's Technique Pianorimba - for Marimba and Vibraphone. This book contains a wealth of studies for keyboard percussion based on a... 

Pares-Pares Scales for Marimba, Xylophone, and Vibes

The classic scale and arpeggio studies of Gabriel Parès were adapted in the 1940s for like-instrument study by Rubank's Harvey Whistler, and are now the standard for el... 

Wickstrom-Keyboard Mastery (Vol 2)

Keyboard Mastery for the Mallet Percussionist, Vol. 2 represents what is really a basic harmony book which, when practiced diligently by the aspiring percussionist will result... 

Blume/Spencer-Unbook, The (Green)

The Unbook Green Volume by Julie Spencer and Gernot Blume is a Collection of 200 Short Compositions for Improvisation. Much like a fake book with melody lines w/chord symbols,... 

Payson-Progressive Studies for Double Stops

Progressive Studies for Double Stops by Albert Payson is technical studies and etudes for double beats. Written for advanced students. 

Huteau-Rencontre avec le Xylophone

Alain Huteau offers an amusing and very progressive path to the basic technical work essential to a good knowledge of the keyboard. The great merit of Alain Huteau is to have ... 

Leroux-20 Progressive Studies for Xylophone 1

This book contains 20 progressive etudes for the modern xylophone. Philippe Leroux combines his wealth of experience ans a performer and educator to offer a diverse compilatio... 

Jorand-Second Book for Xylophone

Second Book for Xylophone by Marcel Jorand continues to develop technique, reading and overall musicianship for students of xylophone 

Lautzenheiser-Essential Elements-Keyboard Percussion Book 2

The second book in the Essential Elements for Band series includes an easy to teach sight-reading system, logical sequence of skills, band arrangements, Dr. Tim parent ... 

Buonomo-Guida per lo Studio

The aim of Guida per lo Studio is to provide students with beginning courses with the basics of percussion keyboard instruments: passages, tremolo, jumps, scales, arpeggios, g... 

Jorand-40 Progressive Etudes/Cramer 1

This is book 1 of the adaptation of Marcel Jorand's 40 Progressive Etudes. J.B. Cramer adapted this for Xylophone. 

Jorand-40 Progressive Etudes/Cramer 2

This is book 2 of the adaptation of Marcel Jorand's 40 Progressive Etudes. J.B. Cramer adapted this for Xylophone. 

Legendre-Vitter-Child's Play

Child's Play is a much-needed resource of seven single-page etudes for the beginning 4-mallet player. By isolating stroke types and focusing on aspects of shifting and interva... 

Kinyon-Basic Training Course for Keyboard Percussion 1

A unique beginning band method which is equally effective for individual instruction, classes of like instruments, and mixed ensembles. 

Sejourne-Percussion Keyboards (Vol 3)

The exercises in Emmanuel Sejourne's Percussion Keyboards are designed to serve as a personal practice vehicle. This volume develops harmonic practice on keyboard practice ins... 

Poole-Jazz for Juniors (duets)

Jazz for Juniors by Carl Poole is fifteen progressive duets designed to develop interpretation of dance music. Essential knowledge for club dates, big band, or orchestra gigs. 

Tavernier-120 Exercises & Etudes for Vibraphone 1

Jean Claude and Marc Tavernier's 120 Exercises & Etudes for Vibraphone 1 is a collection that develops technique and musicianship in the player. 

Whistler-Elementary Method for Bell Lyra

The Rubank Elementary Method for Bell Lyra by Harvey Whistler is one of the most widely used series of methods for individual or like-instrument class instruction. Using a ver...