damm-ritmos de congas (solo for three congas, with cd)

Damm-Ritmos de Congas (solo for three congas, with CD)

Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 3 Instrumentation: 3 Congas 


robinson-handful (cd)-bendir

Robinson-Handful (CD)-Bendir


sekhon-regeneration-steel dr./electronics

Sekhon-Regeneration-Steel dr./Electronics

Regeneration by Baljinder Singh Sekhon, II for solo steel pan (C Lead Pan) and electronics (CD playback). This unique solo utilizes all parts of the instrument including the s... 


lapio-jumbie jam reggae for steel drums (cd)

Lapio-Jumbie Jam Reggae for Steel Drums (CD)

This book was written to help beginner to intermediate steel drum players advance their slills and to enjoy playing fun songs on steel pan. Each tune has three parts: melody, ... 


broscious-drum of life-p/prerecorded audio (download from  publisher)

Broscious-Drum of Life-P/Prerecorded audio (download from publisher)

Drum of Life is a solo for hand drums and tape. It requires technique and control on multiple world instruments as well as vocalization. Because of this, amplification of the ... 


johnson, s.-christmas songs for beginner steelpan

Johnson, S.-Christmas Songs for Beginner Steelpan

Christmas Songs for Beginner Steelpan by Scott Johnson is a collection of arrangements of your holiday favorites playable on steelpan and jumbie jam. Play along mp3s for each ...