w/ Accomp.

macdonald-devil dance (s-n2)-hand drum/fl

MacDonald-Devil Dance (S-n2)-Hand Drum/FL

Devil Dance by Payton MacDonald is a short and light encore piece. Elements of Hindustani classical music are present in this piece, though it isn't an attempt to repl... 


lorenz-pataruco (solo part only)-solo maracas/orch.

Lorenz-Pataruco (Solo part ONLY)-Solo maracas/Orch.

Pataruco was composed for percussionist Ed Harrison, one of the leading exponents of maracas technique. The solo part showcases Harrison's specialty, the style of maraca playi... 


lorenz-puente trans-arabico (sp)-hand drs./string quartet

Lorenz-Puente Trans-Arabico (SP)-Hand drs./String quartet

Composer Ricardo Lorenz's "Puente Trans-Arabico" can be described as his attempt to translate Tito Puente's Latin style into performance practices associated with Middle Easte... 


bach, j.-concerto for steel pan and orchestra (piano reduction) (sp)

Bach, J.-Concerto for Steel Pan and Orchestra (piano reduction) (SP)

Jan Bach's Concerto for Steelpan and Orchestra was written for Liam Teague in 1994. Its production was supported by the financial assistance of the Woodstock Chimes fo... 


huebner-conga concerto op. 6b (sts)-solo congas/4t/m/p/ orch.

Huebner-Conga Concerto Op. 6b (StS)-solo congas/4T/M/P/ Orch.

Gergor Huebner's Conga Concerto is written for Solo Conga, Piano, and String Orchestra. This unique piece is scored In four movements: 1. Afrocuban introducci... 


vidiksis-ngc 981 (sp)-djembe/fl

Vidiksis-NGC 981 (SP)-Djembe/FL

NGC 981 for Flute and Djembe by Adam Vidiksis portrays the explosion of a massive star with the plane of a galaxy of the same name. Traveling approximately 60 million ... 


el-dabh-miraculous tale, the (s-n2)-derabucca/asx

El-Dabh-Miraculous Tale, The (S-n2)-Derabucca/ASX

The Miraculous Tale was written by Halim El-Dabh in 2006 for alto saxophone and derabucca. It is written in three movements - Lightening, Tenderness , and Str... 


sammut-sailing for phil (set of perc./bass parts)- solo v/b/m/p/string orch.

Sammut-Sailing for Phil (set of perc./bass parts)- Solo V/B/M/P/String Orch.

Sailing for Phil is Eric Sammut's newest composition! Commissioned by vibraphonist Philippe Limoge, the premiere took place on 14 February 2008 in Montpellier. The wo... 


de pablo-promenade sur un corps-bongos/fl

de Pablo-Promenade sur un Corps-Bongos/FL

Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 2 Instrumentation: Player I: Flute Player II: 2 Bongos  


chappell-in one breath (sp)-steel dr./pn

Chappell-In One Breath (SP)-Steel dr./PN

In One Breath by Robert Chappell is a duet for Double Seconds (steel pans) and Piano. This piece can be heard on the CD for lack of better words featuring Rober... 


huebner-conga concerto op.6a (sts)-solo conga/pn/m/4t/ string orch.

Huebner-Conga Concerto Op.6a (StS)-Solo conga/PN/M/4T/ String orch.

Gergor Huebner's Conga Concerto op. 6a is written for Solo Conga, Piano, String Orchestra, Marimba and Timpani. This unique piece is scored In four movements: ... 


pereira-echi dromi (2s)-dumbek/fl

Pereira-Echi Dromi (2S)-Dumbek/FL

Echi Dromi by Joseph Pereira is a duet written for flute and dumbek. The title is taken from the earliest Byzantine musical notation. Echi, meaning sounds, was used to describ... 


koshinski-pocket grooves (sp)-p/bn

Koshinski-Pocket Grooves (SP)-P/BN

Pocket Grooves by Gene Koshinski is a duet for bassoon and ethnic percussion. Pocket Grooves is designed with "small" in mind. The pieces are short and require small hand-held... 


macdonald-ikky gober (s)-tabla/fl os

MacDonald-Ikky Gober (S)-Tabla/FL OS

"An Ikky Gober is a drink. Residents of the horrible land of Ud use it as a drug, similar to our moonshine. In a parallel universe I traveled the land of Ud and mistake... 


yotere/naranjo/beall-gmeng se na e (sts/solo part)- solo gyil/orch.

Yotere/Naranjo/Beall-Gmeng Se Na E (StS/Solo part)- Solo Gyil/Orch.

Gmeng Se Na E by Baere Yotere, adapted and arranged by Valerie Naranjo, orchestrated by Andrew Beall. For solo gyil and chamber orchestra. Includes solo parts and study score.... 


henderickx-gishora (trumpet version) (sp)-p/tp

Henderickx-Gishora (trumpet version) (SP)-P/TP

Gishora by Wim Hendericks for trumpet and seven African drums. The name of this piece refers to a place in Burundi where sacred drums are kept. This seven movement piece is de... 


henderickx-gishora (soprano sax version) (sp)-p/ssx

Henderickx-Gishora (soprano sax version) (SP)-P/SSX

Gishora by Wim Hendericks for soprano saxophone and seven African drums. The name of this piece refers to a place in Burundi where sacred drums are kept. This seven movement p... 


lawrence/mars/levine/brown-treasure arr. ziegler (sp)- steel drs./ds/opt. bg

Lawrence/Mars/Levine/Brown-Treasure arr. Ziegler (SP)- Steel drs./DS/Opt. BG

Treasure by Philip Lawrence, Bruno Mars, Ari Levine, and Phredley Brown arranged for steel drum ensemble by Aaron Siegler. This piece combines elements of disco, funk, and R&B... 


grimes-remnants and remembrance (sp)-2 mbiras/pn/vn or fl

Grimes-Remnants and Remembrance (SP)-2 mbiras/PN/VN or FL

Remnants and Remembrance by Richard Grimes is a 4 minute long, quiet piece for 2 mbiras, piano and either flute or violin soloist. Number of players: 4 Difficulty: ...