Ensemble (3+ players)

davila-tumbao talk (sp)-congas or hand drums

Davila-Tumbao Talk (SP)-Congas or hand drums

Tumbao Talk is an exciting piece for hand drums by Julie Davila. This piece incorporates several split parts and visuals to keep the audience riveted. Davila has also... 


beall-rancho jubilee  (sp)-3 cajons

Beall-Rancho Jubilee (SP)-3 cajons

From composer Andrew Beall - " Rancho Jubilee is the name of a Dominican restaurant on my corner in Washington Heights. It's fun décor and lively atmospher... 


gottry-hands up (sp-3)-3 congas

Gottry-Hands Up (SP-3)-3 congas

Hands Up by Josh Gottry is a conga trio based loosely on elements of west African djembe rhythms. The piece opens in 12/8 time with a unison statement from the ensembl... 


smales-african beat (sp)-p

Smales-African Beat (SP)-P

African Beat by Joel Smaels is a creative collection that presents four exciting originals in contrasting African drumming styles for grade 3-4 groups. Notated in an... 


xenakis-okho (s-n3)-3 djembes

Xenakis-Okho (S-n3)-3 Djembes

Okho by Iannis Xenakis for percussion trio. This piece was composed to celebrate the French bicentennial. Scored for three performers on djembe and bass drum. Xenakis first en... 


spears-africa! (sp)-p

Spears-Africa! (SP)-P

Africa! by Jared Spears is a percussion sextet that avails the native musical colors and excitement of an African celebration. The score for this piece calls for authentic ... 


coulter-jam box: cajon trio (sp)-3 cajons

Coulter-Jam Box: Cajon Trio (SP)-3 cajons

Jam Box: Cajon Trio was composed by Ron Coulter in Carbondale, IL between December 2007 and February 2008 and is dedicatted to his two students named Nathan Staley and ... 


ishii-shi kyo (sts)-gagaku ens.

Ishii-Shi Kyo (StS)-Gagaku ens.

The literal meaning of the title "SHI-KYO" is violet sound. In a metaphorical sense it characterizes the timbre of this present composition for Gagaku ensemble. Number... 


backus-amber eyes (sp)-steel band

Backus-Amber Eyes (SP)-Steel band

Amber Eyes is a medium tempo soca in ABA form with a good amount of syncopation throughout the ensemble that just makes you want to dance. Written for four parts with a split ... 


mixon-images of india (sp)-p

Mixon-Images of India (SP)-P

Images of India by Kevin Mixon is a spirited percussion trio that will help introduce students to the unique music of India. Using rhythm figures drawn from both traditiona... 


rosauro-cadencia para berimbau(sp)

Rosauro-Cadencia Para Berimbau(SP)

Ney Rosauro's Cadencia Para Berimbau for percussion quartet presents an excellent opportunity to showcase the exotic berimbau as an ensemble and solo instrument. Other ... 


naito-nanafushi arr. crowell (sp)-p

Naito-Nanafushi arr. Crowell (SP)-P

Nanafushi by Tetsuro Naito arranged for percussion trio by Jeffery Crowell. Originally arranged for the famous Japanese taiko group Kodo, Crowell was fascinated with the piece... 


smales-brazilian beat (sp)-p

Smales-Brazilian Beat (SP)-P

Brazilian Beat by Joel Smales is a creative collection of six original pieces for percussion quintet in a variety of Brazilian drumming styles. Scoring calls for agogo bells, ... 


ikebe-shape of soil, the (s)-p

Ikebe-Shape of Soil, The (S)-P

The Shape of Soil for taiko drum ensemble by Shin-Ichiro Ikebe was commissioned by the Japanese drums ensemble 'KODO' in 1998, and was first performed by the group at N... 


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dutz-old toby (3s)-3 pandeiros

Dutz-Old Toby (3S)-3 Pandeiros

Old Toby by Brad Dutz is a piece of medium difficulty which emphasizes a strong groove and requires an attentive ensemble awareness. It's metric structure of 10/8 requires pla... 


abba-abba medley arr. moore (sp)-steel drs./ds/bg

ABBA-ABBA Medley arr. Moore (SP)-Steel drs./DS/BG

Though not traditionally associated with steel drums, these ABBA hits are pop classics and work in a multitude of settings. The medley includes "Dancing Queen," "Knowing Me Is... 


rosauro-two brazilian steel dances (sp)-pans/ds/p

Rosauro-Two Brazilian Steel Dances (SP)-Pans/DS/P

Two Brazilian Steel Dances by Ney Rosauro area must for every steel band.! I) Interlude II) Baião, Interlude III) Samba (Partido Alto). These... 


fellinger-tantango dongo (sp)-m/kalimba/p

Fellinger-Tantango Dongo (SP)-M/Kalimba/P

Tantango Dongo by Christopher Fellinger was inspired by West African music, with flowing transitions in a minimalistic style and traditional African instrumentation. Wide, des...