Houllif-Today's Sounds for Drumset vol. 2

This collection of solos follows Murray's popular book, Today's Sounds For Drumset. Sequentially arranged for intermediate to advanced level players, this book features 70 bea... 

Rothman-Take a Break

The pages in this volume by Joel Rothman present an extensive array of drum breaks. The breaks in Take a Break can be used to 'cut into' commonly seen offbeat rhythmi... 

De Merle-Jazz-Rock Fusion Vol. 1

The music in JAZZ ROCK FUSION VOL. I is a collection of rhythmic concepts designed to develop control, technique and a feel for the various styles of todays fusion music. T... 

Boto-Drs in Brazilian Music (Bk 1)

Study the roll of the drum set in Brazillian Music wit hthis method book. Overe 300 examples help you develop a feel for traditional rhythms. (French Text) 

Leask-Beginning Drum Set

This book is an analysis of Wally Leask's playing style that was developed through extensive gigging with top 40 Bands. The approach is developed to introduce the basics of ro... 

Bartlett-The Drummer's Pocket Flipbook-Rock Beats 1-DS

Contains more than 500,000 beats! 

Henry-Single and Double Paradiddles for Drumset

This volume of exercises is intended for drummers, but it can be used for all percussionists since it gives exercises whose fingerings are adapted to the snare drum as well as... 

Holmquist-Drum Set Etudes (Bk 3)

This book contains 19 etudes, or solos, for the intermediate level drum set student. The method is a very sequential approach to learning drum set. It is recommended that you ... 

Burns/Feldstein-Drum Set Music

A progressive collection of solos that explores the tonalities and musical properties of the drumset. 

Sholle-Brook Drum Set Studies

A great teaching tool bringing together the main elements of the drum set: Snare, bass drum, and hi hat cymbals. 

Brace-Time on Time

Bren Brace has createda method of playing time signature on top of each other to form new rhythmic feels. A great study for independent rhythmic figures. 

Perry-Drum Solos in Eighths

"Drum Solos in Eighths" is designed to develop the student's ability to "get around the drums" with maximum of skill and ease. It also offers the elementary drummer- and the a... 

McFarland-Creative Drumming in 5/4 Time

Contains 180 original ideas for drum set and 5\4 time. All of the patterns are scored for Cymbal\Bass\Snare. 

Capozzoli-Twenty-nine Duets for the Drums

Young percussionists will find these duets interesting and fun. Basic rhythm's are arranged to bring variety and musicality to your students practice time. 

Rothman-Reading, Rudiments and Rock Drumming

This book by Joel Rothman has material to develop the three R's : Reading, Rudiments, and Rock. The exercises are presented in thirty separate lesson, and each lesson is notat... 

Christian-B Christian System of Rhythm Exercises

Written to nurture the ability of the intermediate to advanced player to execute difficult rhythm patterns and time changes. This book will definitely sharpen your sight-readi... 

Skoog-Drumming Book Three

" For the past twenty years, I've been producing teaching sheets for my students, putting them in binders so I could add new ones or replace the old as I refined my approach. ... 

Rothman-Recipes Special Stickings Around the Drums

Play different forms of paradiddles between the snare and tomtoms with Recipes: Special Stickings Around the Drums . It's fun! For intermediate players.  

Bellonzi-Bk 2 Language of Jazz Drumming

An intermediate instruction course in the study of Jazz Drum Set. 

Hanna-Syncopated Big Band Fig. 2

A collection of duets that utilize syncopated jazz rhythms. Instrumentation is left open to your imagination. Great for study or performance.