Ensemble (3+ players)

ford-stubernic (sp)-m (player 2 plays from score)

Ford-Stubernic (SP)-M (Player 2 plays from score)

" Stubernic (pronounced "Stew-bur-nick") is a unique, challenging marimba trio for one 4 1/3-octave marimba shared by three performers. Dedicated to Stefan and Mary K. Stuber-... 


ford-afta-stuba! (sp)-m

Ford-Afta-Stuba! (SP)-M

Afta-Stuba! is a sequel to my 1988 composition, Stubernic. Like Stubernic, Afta-Stuba! Is written for three players on one low A marimba. This composition can be performed aft... 


green-xylophonia arr. becker (sp)-x/4m

Green-Xylophonia arr. Becker (SP)-X/4M

Xylophonia was published in 1925 by the Leedy Manufacturing Company as a xylophone solo with piano accompaniment. Although it was written in the 1920's, Xylophonia is somethin... 




Rainbows is in three parts; Raindrops, The Flood and Rainbows. This work is a representation of the Biblical flood that wiped all living creatures from the earth. Nu... 


becker-mudra (sp)-b/2v/cro./m/p

Becker-Mudra (SP)-B/2V/Cro./M/P

Mudra is an original composition by Bob Becker for percussion quintet. It features a soloistic tom-tom part that is rudimental throughout and an advanced vibrphone par... 


pawassar-sculpture in wood (sp)-4m

Pawassar-Sculpture in Wood (SP)-4M

Sculpture in Wood by Rudiger Pawassar was composed 1995 and dedicated to the Marimba Art Ensemble Basel. This is the original verison of this piece, scored for marimba... 


sejourne-akadinda trio (sp)-m (3 players)

Sejourne-Akadinda Trio (SP)-M (3 players)

Inspired by the percussive mallet music of Uganda, each player in Emmanuel Sejourne's Akadinda Trio uses 2 mallets, and all three players play on one 5-octave marimba. ... 


pawassar-sculpture 3 (sp)-3m

Pawassar-Sculpture 3 (SP)-3M

Sculpture 3 by Rudiger Pawassar is an arrangement of his work Sculpture in Wood , scaled down for 3 marimbas instead of 4. This trio version of the piece is perf... 


takemitsu-rain tree (sp)-v/2m/crot

Takemitsu-Rain Tree (SP)-V/2M/Crot

Toru Takemitsu's Rain Tree combines a wonderful percussion trio with some very effective lighting to produce one of the most dramatic percussion pieces ever created. ... 


tyson-ceiling full of stars, a (sp)-b/2v/c/cro./4m

Tyson-Ceiling Full of Stars, A (SP)-B/2V/C/Cro./4M

A Ceiling Full of Stars is written by the professor of percussion at the University of Central Arkansas. It was commissioned by the Texas Christian University Percus... 


green-log cabin blues arr. becker (sp)-x/4m

Green-Log Cabin Blues arr. Becker (SP)-X/4M

Log Cabin Blues was published by George Hamilton Green as a xylophone solo with piano accompaniment in 1924., one in a series of six novelty fox-trots grouped under the title ... 


arlen-over the rainbow arr. eyler (sp)-v/4m

Arlen-Over the Rainbow arr. Eyler (SP)-V/4M

Number of Players: 5 Difficulty: Grade 2 Instrumentation: Player I: Vibraphone Player II: Marimba 1 Player III: Marimba 2 ... 


westlake-omphalo centric lecture (sp)-4m/p

Westlake-Omphalo Centric Lecture (SP)-4M/P

Four Marimba Version The title comes from a painting by Paul Klee - the direct & centered simplicity of which was an inspiration to me during the writing of this piece.... 


green-fluffy ruffles arr. cahn

Green-Fluffy Ruffles arr. Cahn

A playful arrangement of the classic rag Fluffy Ruffles by George Hamilton Green. Freedom and spontaneity are the keys to a successful performance of this fun piece. Nu... 


rimsky-flight of the bumblebee arr. musser (p)-5m

Rimsky-Flight of the Bumblebee arr. Musser (P)-5M

This is one of the original Musser arrangements for marimba orchestra. These arrangements were used by Musser in concert tours of the U.S. And Europe from 1933 to the Early 19... 


levitan-marimba quartet (sp)-4m os

Levitan-Marimba Quartet (SP)-4M OS

Daniel Levitan's Marimba Quartet is an unsung hero of the marimba quartet literature. It has not gotten its well-deserved circulation through the percussion community b... 


adams-alloy (2s)-b/c/v

Adams-Alloy (2S)-B/C/V

An exploration of all things metal. This composition employs pitched metal percussion instruments to create many new timbres and color. Some sections utilize space and time wh... 


green-ragtime robin arr. becker (sp)-x/4m

Green-Ragtime Robin arr. Becker (SP)-X/4M

The Ragtime Robin was published by George Hamilton Green as a xylophone solo with piano accompaniment in 1924., one in a series of six novelty fox-trots grouped under the titl... 


albeniz-granada (p) arr. stensgaard-3m/p

Albeniz-Granada (P) arr. Stensgaard-3M/P

This is a trio arrangement of the first movement of Albeniz's Spanish Suite. There are two two-mallet parts and one four mallet accompaniment part. Number of Players: ... 


maslanka-crown of thorns(sp)

Maslanka-Crown of Thorns(SP)

Both contemplative and exhuberant, Crown of Thorns by David Maslanka once again demonstrates the composer's keen understanding of the boundless musical potential of the ...