Marimba Solo

abe-dream of the cherry blossoms-m

Abe-Dream of the Cherry Blossoms-M

Dream of The Cherry Blossoms is a composition by Keiko Abe based on an improvisation on the thems of the Japanese folksong "Sakura, sakura..." In this marimba solo, th... 




Frogs is a classic in the solo marimba literature. This work features playful lines that bounce across the instrument. This was Keiko Abe's first solo composition. Nu... 


abe-works for marimba-m

Abe-Works for Marimba-M

Works for Marimba is a collection of solo marimba works by Keiko Abe. Although all of the pieces in this collection were originally composed for a 5 octave instrument... 


peters-yellow after the rain-m

Peters-Yellow After the Rain-M

Yellow After The Rain by Mitchell Peters, utilizes simple independent and double vertical techniques. A standard in the percussive community. A great piece for beg... 


gomez-rain dance-m

Gomez-Rain Dance-M

Rain Dance by Alice Gomez has become a popular choice for beginning marimba players. Simple melodic statements make this work a catchy favorite. Beginnig 4 mallet ... 


abe-works for solo marimba-m

Abe-Works for Solo Marimba-M

Works for Solo Marimba contains 4 of Keiko Abe's most famous solo marimba compositions. This edition has altered parts for 4.3 octave marimbas. Included: Wind... 


abe-michi for marimba-m

Abe-Michi for Marimba-M

Michi for Marimba by Keiko Abe is a standard in the advanced marimba repertoire. Keiko Abe performed this composition on many of her U.S. tours. It features sections ... 


stout-two mexican dances-m

Stout-Two Mexican Dances-M

Gordon Stout's Two Mexican Dances are a standard in the percussion community. This work has been recorded and performed in recital many time over. Each of the moveme... 


smadbeck-rhythm song-m

Smadbeck-Rhythm Song-M

Paul Smadbeck's Rhythm Song is one of the most popular solo marimba works of all time and has been re-engraved in a clearer, easier to read and understand, composer-... 


bach-six suites for cello-mal

Bach-Six Suites for Cello-Mal

This book containing six of Bach's suites for Cello is pefectly at home on the marimba. Similar to the Bach Violin Partita's, these are great studies in classical literature ... 




Land was written for marimbist Momoko Kamiya by composer Takatsugu Muramatsu. This beautiful and elegant piece incorporates a very rubato tempo, allowing the performe... 


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tyson-cricket sang and set the sun, a-m

Tyson-Cricket Sang and Set the Sun, A-M

A Cricket Sang and Set the Sun by Blake Tyson is a beautiful, lyrical piece for solo marimba. The opening passages of the piece ebb and flow and create a very reflec... 


smadbeck-virginia tate for solo marimba-m

Smadbeck-Virginia Tate for Solo Marimba-M

Virginia Tate is a very popular work by famous composer Paul Smadbeck. This newer piece, with its gorgeous harmonies and tonal language, is truly a beautiful additio... 


sammut-four rotations (complete set)-m

Sammut-Four Rotations (Complete set)-M

Eric Sammut’s Four Rotations have become some of the most frequently perfomed works for solo marimba. In “Four Rotations” all the mallets are impor... 


sammut-libertango (formerly "a star piazzola")-

Sammut-Libertango (formerly "A Star Piazzola")-

Libertango is already a hit ! The theme is based on the music of Astor Piazzolla, but the style is unmistakably Eric Sammut. This work requires a 5 oct. marimba. ... 


burritt-october night-m

Burritt-October Night-M

Michael Burritt's October Night is an excellent display of technical proficiency and musicianship for an advanced marimbist. Requires 4.3 oct. marimba. A recording is... 


thomas, a.-merlin-m os

Thomas, A.-Merlin-M OS

Andrew Thomas, born 1939 in Ithaca, New York, is a successful composer, pianist, and conductor who has written several marimba works for William Moersch, including this one en... 




Polaris by Mark Ford is a one movement solo based on a rhythmic theme in 7/8 meter. Set in a modified rondo form, two separate ostinatos help unify the music while th... 


schwantner-velocities-m os

Schwantner-Velocities-M OS

Velocities (moto perpetuo) for solo marimba by Joseph Schwantner was commissioned by the Percussive Arts Society with a National Endowment for the Arts Consortium Com... 


musser-etude op. 6, #10 (c major)-m

Musser-Etude Op. 6, #10 (C Major)-M

Musser’s solo compositions and transcriptions and his ensemble arrangements have enjoyed great popularity. His Etudes have remained a staple in marimba repertoire and...