reich-nagoya marimbas (sp)-2m

Reich-Nagoya Marimbas (SP)-2M

Nagoya Marimbas was written by Steve Reich on commission from the Nagoya College of Music in Japan. Reich, one of the most famous minimalist composers ever, composed... 


abe-works for marimba duo

Abe-Works for Marimba Duo

A collection works for marimba duo by Keiko Abe. Included: Memories of the Seashore II Wind in the Bamboo Grove II Number of Players:1 Difficulty: Grad... 


tyson-vertical river-v/m

Tyson-Vertical River-V/M

Vertical River by Blake Tyson is written for Vibraphone and Marimba duet. It was inspired by Tyson's rafting adventure with John Parks on the Boise River. This piece de... 


friedman/samuels-carousel (p)-v/m

Friedman/Samuels-Carousel (P)-V/M

Carousel by David Friedman and Dave Samuels is an incredible duet for vibraphone and marimba, originally performed by the composers' duo called Double Image . Or... 


abe-conversation in the forest (s-n2)-2m

Abe-Conversation in the Forest (S-n2)-2M

Conversation In The Forest by Keiko Abe contains many musically challenging and lyrical lines. This work incorporates extended techniques to evoke many timbre from the ... 


piazzolla-tango suite first movement (sp)-2m-arr. super

Piazzolla-Tango Suite First Movement (SP)-2M-arr. Super

Tango Suite by Astor Piazzola arranged for marimba duo by Kevin Super is an excellent transcription of Argentine composer Piazzolla's widely performed work - originally... 


trevino-catching shadows (duo verson) (sp)-2m

Trevino-Catching Shadows (duo verson) (SP)-2M

Catching Shadows by Ivan Trevino is a marimba duo commissioned by Michael Burritt, professor of percussion at Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. This piece was inspired... 


sammut-kaleiduoscope-2m(sp) os

Sammut-Kaleiduoscope-2M(SP) OS

Written for Leigh Howard Stevens and She-e Wu, this jazzy piece requires two advanced players and two 5.0 octave instruments. A "must play" if you have a friend ready and will... 


daughtrey-edge of the world (sp)-v/m

Daughtrey-Edge of the World (SP)-V/M

Written as a gift for Michael and Sarah Wood on the occasion of their wedding on June 24, 2007, Edge of the World is inspired by the poem and beautiful watercolor print "True ... 


o&#39meara-wooden music (2s)-2m

O'Meara-Wooden Music (2S)-2M

Wooden Music by Rich O'Meara is an outstanding work for marimba duet. Wooden Music for two marimbas was a first round choice for the International Marimba Compe... 


koppel-toccata for marimba & vibraphone-duet version (s-n2)-v/m

Koppel-Toccata for Marimba & Vibraphone-DUET VERSION (S-n2)-V/M

Toccata for Vibraphone & Marimba by Anders Koppel was originally written for and recorded by the Safri Duo This sheet music for vibraphone & marimba is the orig... 


hills-dueling marimbas (sp)-2m

Hills-Dueling Marimbas (SP)-2M

Winner of the 2007 Classical Marimba League Composition Contest - Baroque Category Number of Players: 2 Level of Difficulty: Grade 4+ Instrumentation: Marimba ... 


zivkovic-ultimatum 2 (s-n2)-2m

Zivkovic-Ultimatum 2 (S-n2)-2M

ULTIMATUM II, (1994) for two marimbas  is a highly virtuoso composition in which the both players are  equal in importance and technical challenge. In fact,  th... 


trevino-2+1 (sp)-m (2 players)

Trevino-2+1 (SP)-M (2 players)

2+1 is a marimba duo by Ivan Trevino scored for two players to perform on one 4.5-octave (or larger) marimba. From the composer, "There are many percussionists around the worl... 


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bach-bach for bars-book 1 (arr.faulman)-2 m or x

Bach-Bach for Bars-Book 1 (arr.Faulman)-2 M or X

Bach for Bars , Book 1 as arranged by Roger Faulmann, presents 21 duets for marimba or xylophone, drawn from the keyboard music of Johann Sebastian Bach. These duets ar... 


anderson, n.-perk (sp)-v/m

Anderson, N.-Perk (SP)-V/M

This is a catchy work for marimba and vibe. The piece starts of with a groove vamp from the marimba player. The vibe player comes in with chords that establish the chord struc... 


ravel-alborada del gracioso (p)-safri-2m

Ravel-Alborada del Gracioso (P)-Safri-2M

The Safri Duo's arrangement of Ravel's Alborada del Gracioso is considered by some to be a milestone in percussion performance. This fantastic arrangement for marimba ... 


rosauro-brazilian fantasy for two marimbas (bach in brazil)

Rosauro-Brazilian Fantasy for Two Marimbas (Bach in Brazil)

Brazilian Fantasy (Bach in Brazil) for 2 marimbas by Ney Rosauro depicts the happy and light atmosphere of Brazilian music. It has some themes from Brazilian folklore, ... 


friedman/samuels-double image set (carousel, nyack and sunset glow)

Friedman/Samuels-Double Image Set (Carousel, Nyack and Sunset Glow)

This set of music from David Friedman and Dave Samuels' Double Image marimba/vibraphone duo represents an incredible value. Contains sheet music to 3 of this duets gre... 


abe-wind across mountains (s-n2)-2m

Abe-Wind Across Mountains (S-n2)-2M

This is a marimba duo version of Keiko Abe's Wind Across Mountains . This work is a classic in the marimba repertoire. Number of Players: 2 Difficulty: Grade 5...