westlake-fabian theory-m/digital delay os

Westlake-Fabian Theory-M/digital delay OS

"Fabian Theory" for percussion solo & digital delay. AN electronic delay system is employed throughout the piece serving to reproduce the "live" signal 566 milliseconds (about... 


hatzis-in the fire of conflict (sp2cd)-v/cro./cd

Hatzis-In the Fire of Conflict (SP2CD)-V/Cro./CD

In the Fire of Conflict is named after the theme for the 2008 Toronto Summer Music Festival for which it was composed. Set in two continuous movements, the live percuss... 


psathas-ukiyo (spcd)-v/m/cd

Psathas-Ukiyo (SPCD)-V/M/CD

Ukiyo for marimba, vibes, and digital audio playback (CD) was composed by John Psathas on commission by Jeremy Fitzsimons (with funding support from Creative New Zea... 


oliveira-liquid bars-m/cd os

Oliveira-Liquid Bars-M/CD OS

Commissioned by Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos, Liquid Bars > by Joao Pedro Oliveira is a piece for solo marimba with prerecorded electronic sounds. A CD is in... 


almada-linde (scd)-v/cd

Almada-Linde (SCD)-V/CD

Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 6 Instrumentation: Vibraphone and Tape 


wahlund-crystal butterfly-m/cd os

Wahlund-Crystal Butterfly-M/CD OS

Ben Wahlund's Crystal Butterfly was awarded 2nd place in the 2003 PAS composition contest! This is a unique intermediate level marimba solo that incorporates contempor... 


hanning-mirror image (cd)-v/cd

Hanning-Mirror Image (CD)-V/CD

Mirror Image by Chris Hanning is a challenging and unique vibraphone solo with tape. Solo and tape accompaniment patterns are active both melodically and rhythmically ... 


argersinger-celestial dances-m/tape

Argersinger-Celestial Dances-M/Tape

Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 6 Instrumentation: Marimba and Tape 


daniels-in-transit (w/cd accompaniment)-v/cd

Daniels-In-Transit (w/CD Accompaniment)-V/CD

The inventive piece In-Transit for solo vibraphone and electronics by Sean Daniels is meant to summon images of various modes of travel, whether walking, flying or ridi... 


moore, m.-music for vibraphone & electronica-v/cd

Moore, M.-Music for Vibraphone & Electronica-V/CD

Music for Vibraphone & Electronica by Matt Moore fuses together three different sounds and styles: electronic drum and bass music, as pioneered and popularized by artis... 


daughtrey-halcyon deconstruction (scd)-m/cd

Daughtrey-Halcyon Deconstruction (SCD)-M/CD

Halcyon Deconstruction by Nathan Daughtrey is a four mallet solo scored for 5 octave marimba with electronic accompaniment. The phrase "Halcyon Days" (HAL-see-uhn) refers t... 


matsushita-minazuki-no-oto (sounds of june) (w/cd)-v/cd

Matsushita-Minazuki-no-Oto (Sounds of June) (w/CD)-V/CD

Minazuki-no-Oto (Sounds of June) by Isao Matsushita is an incredibly unique work for solo vibraphone (with recorded water sounds). This piece was commissioned and pre... 


beal-red shoes, the (cd)

Beal-Red Shoes, The (CD)

Number of Players: 1 Difficulty: Grade 4 Instrumentation: Vibraphone and Marimba  


chen-points of departure(sda)-v/tape

Chen-Points of Departure(SDA)-V/Tape

Number of Players: 1 (with tape accompaniment) Difficulty: Grade 5+ Instrumentation: Vibraphone 


bissell-alabados song, the (scd)-m/cd

Bissell-Alabados Song, The (SCD)-M/CD

Number of Players: 1 (tape accompaniment) Difficulty: Grade 5 Instrumentation: Marimba 


mahin-of mice & men (st)

Mahin-Of Mice & Men (ST)


mccarthy-warhammer (cd)-m/cd

McCarthy-WarHammer (CD)-M/CD


grossmann-popular songs for marimba (w/cd)

Grossmann-Popular Songs for Marimba (w/CD)

Popular Songs for Marimba by Michael Grossmann contains 11 etudes in different keys, and popular musical styles. Despite the pedagogical orientation of the pieces, they...