Weiss Brand 10" Single Row Headless Tambourine

This Steve Weiss brand 10" headless, single row jingle Tambourine.....also known as the Ramblin' Man Special....will enable any person to take center stage at your local club ... 

Liberty One Cymbal Bag - 18" Basic w/ Chinese Letters (BCB)

The Liberty One BCB Basic cymbal bag is a great all purpose cymbal bag at an unbelievable price. It will accommodate up to a 18" cymbal and is great for when your main gigging... 

Weiss 12" Hand Selected Ma Xi Gong

The Steve Weiss Hand Selected “Ma Xi” Gong provides a more focused sound with softer strikes and Splashy but not Washed out sound when struck with force. These ... 

Weiss Chime Mallet - Plastic

Steve Weiss plastic chime mallets are made in the USA and produce a louder sound than rawhide. Small 1.5″ face diameter. 6 ounces. ... 

Weiss Metal Triangle Hanger

The Steve Weiss Triangle Hanger quickly and easily rests on a music stand to hang a triangle. The less expensive way to hang your triangle! 

Liberty One LTB Bell / Timpani Combo Mallet

The Liberty One series of sticks and mallets now includes a Combination Bell / Timpani Mallet....the LTB model. Measuring 17 3/4" in total length, this is the perfect answer ... 

Acme Cuckoo Call

The Acme Cuckoo call creates the well known 2-tone cuckoo sound. The Essential Toy Symphony Sound Effect. 

Weiss Brand 10" Single Row Tambourine

This Steve Weiss brand Tmabourine features a 10" shell with calf skin head and a single row of steel jingles. 

Doumbek - 12" Stamped Nickel (SW-12N)

The Steve Weiss brand 12" Doumbek features a calf skin head and a stamped Nickle shell that stands approx. 18" tall. 

Acme Siren Whistle with Large Bell

A standard siren whistle with a large bell attached for amplification. 

Acme Train Locomotive Whistle

Perfect for when you get the gig as the engineer on a kids train ride at your local shopping mall or amusement park. Striped engineers hat not included. Solid Brass organ pip... 

Weiss Ships Bell - Large

The Weiss Large Ships Bell measures 6″ across and is made of solid brass. This is the bell for creating the “ships bell” sound.  

Liberty One Timpani Cover

Liberty One padded Timpani Covers fit most models and offers protection in storage and transport. A heavy duty zipper is included for ease of placement.  

Acme Three-Tone Tug Boat Whistle

The Acme Three-Toned Tug Boat Whistle produces a three tone, tug boat sound effect that is similar to the train whistle, only higher in pitch. Makes the true steam whistle s... 

Liberty One Basic Stick Pack (SW-STICKPACK)

The Liberty One Series basic StickPack includes Snare Sticks, Timp. Mallets, Xylo and Marimba Mallets and a Carry Bag. The Liberty One Basic Stick Pre-Pack is the best ... 

Acme Siren Whistle

This siren whistle produces a clear, clean sound of a siren. 

Doumbek - 12" Stamped Brass (SW-12B)

The Steve Weiss brand 12" Doumbek features a calf skin head and a stamped Brass shell that stands approx. 18" tall. 

Doumbek - 10" Stamped Brass (SW-10B)

The Steve Weiss brand 10" Doumbek features a calf skin head and a stamped Brass shell that stands approx. 15" tall. 

Weiss One-Size-Fits-All Conga Bag

The Steve Weiss One Size Fits All Conga Bag has all the top quality features of other professional conga bags but at an affordable price. This rugged, heavy duty nylon bag has... 

Weiss Energy Chime with Mallet

The Steve Weiss Energy Chime is a single chime note that can be used to start a meeting, signal the end of an intermission, and makes a great gift for any percussionist. ...