Weiss Timpani Felt - Germanic

Full Sheet (25 inch x 21 inch and 14mm thick) of Germanic Timpani Felt. 

Weiss Classic Ratchet

This standard ratchet has been around for years and still is the most popular versions sold. This is a must-have product for any school program or theatre percussioni... 

Weiss MalletSTATION Field Frame Mounting Kit

The Weiss MalletSTATION Field Frame Mounting Kit provides all the hardware needed to mount the Pearl MalletSTATION to a field frame. Included in the kit: 2... 

Weiss Rototom Set with Stand - (6/8/10)

This Weiss Three Rototom set is a great addition to drum sets and percussion set ups. The rototom has it's tuning changed quickly by turning the wheel in the tom. ... 

Weiss Brand Timpani Mufflers - Pair

Felt mufflers made for muffling Timpani. Sold in pairs.  

Weiss Kyeezee Burma Bell

These Kyeezee Bells are played by striking the surface with a wooden mallet and then spun around to create a vibrato effect.  

Guiro (SW-GUIRO)

The Steve Weiss brand wooden Guiro produces an excellent sound at a great price and includes a scraper for playing. 

Weiss Triangle Beater Set - 10 Steel w/ Brown Leather Case

Weiss Brand set of Triangle Beaters with a zippered Brown Pouch. 

Acme Crow Call

This Crow Call produces an authentic sound of a crow and is useful for a variety of different purposes. 

Acme Nightingale Bird Call

Authentic Nightingale, Blackbird, Thrush and other spectacular sounds. 

Weiss Brand Wood Chamber Vibra-Slap

This Weiss brand Vibraslap features a flat, wooden chamber and produces a more sustained sound than the "name" brands, at an affordable price. 

Weiss Brand Pop Gun

Pop Goes The Weasel.....and many other tunes can be played with this special Pop Gun. It's the Oxy-Clean of Pop Guns.....a 1000 uses!!!! 

Iat Bell Cacho Shaker - Peru (0797B)

The IAT Bell Cacho Shaker is designed to place on your wrist or just hold in your hand. It is 10" long (with velcro ends for ease of attachment) and contains 6 pair of small ... 

Weiss Brand 08" Single Row Tambourine

This Steve Weiss brand 8" single row jingle Tambourine features a calf head and steel jingles. 

Liberty One Mallet Pack (SW-MALPACK)

This Liberty One Series Mallet PrePack is the ultimate mallet players dream...a pair of mallets for every playing situation. This pre-pack includes: Liberty One ... 

Weiss Almglocken - Zivkovic Set For Generally Spoken

Almglocken Set has pitches selected for performances of Zivkovic, Generally Spoken It's Nothing But Rhythm. You'll find the score requires select pitches. Why pay for a com... 

Liberty One Bongo Bag - Deluxe Plus (BBR)

This heavy duty hard bag features a reinforced non-skid rubber bottom, leather corners, sturdy handles, and a detachable padded shoulder strap. The Liberty One Serie... 

Weiss Steel Sleigh Bells

The Weiss Steel Sleigh Bells have a nice full sound that usually you only find on older sleigh bells after they’ve been played for years. Works well with our ex... 

Liberty One Half Size Tour Mallet Bag

This Liberty One Series bag measures 23"x18", eerily almost precisely HALF the size of our FULL size tour bag, and features a large velcro outside pocket, suitable for oversiz... 

Weiss Large Wooden Ratchet

This large version of the traditional ratchet measures 14.5″ long and is very loud. These large ratchets are hand crafted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.