Cymbal Felt Washers (12 Pack)

This bag of 12 cymbal felt washers will provide the same protection against scrapping and scratching as the ones that cost three times as much.  

Weiss African Cocuswood Claves

These Steve Weiss brand African Claves feature the beautiful to look at and great sound of Cocuswood. Product is sold in a pair. 

Weiss Kyeezee Burma Bell

These Kyeezee Bells are played by striking the surface with a wooden mallet and then spun around to create a vibrato effect.  

Weiss Large Wooden Ratchet

This large version of the traditional ratchet measures 14.5″ long and is very loud. These large ratchets are hand crafted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  

Timpani Spray-On Dry Lube

Spray can of Timpani Dry Lube for bearing edges. 

Weiss Brand Timpani Mufflers - Pair

Felt mufflers made for muffling Timpani. Sold in pairs.  

Weiss Brand Tambourine Bees Wax

It all comes from the same Bees.....so why pay more? This package of premium quality bees wax...measures 3" long x 1" wide x 1/2" high...contains at least twice as much as th... 

Weiss Chau Gong Bags

The Weiss Brand Gong Bags are the perfect fit for your Weiss Hand Selected Chau Gongs. These padded nylon bags with heavy duty zippers and stitching will keep you instrumen... 

Acme Nightingale Bird Call

Authentic Nightingale, Blackbird, Thrush and other spectacular sounds. 

Weiss Triangle Beater Set - 10 Steel w/ Brown Leather Case

Weiss Brand set of Triangle Beaters with a zippered brown pouch. 

Weiss Xian Jia Gongs

Steve Weiss Xian Jia Gongs have a pure fundametal tone with a very long sustain. These gongs are thicker and heavier in weight for their size. Similar to a Heng but with an... 

Weiss Ships Bell - Large

The Weiss Large Ships Bell measures 6″ across and is made of solid brass. This is the bell for creating the “ships bell” sound.  

Liberty One Pop Gun

The Liberty One Pop Gun creates a pop sound effect used in many popular pieces of music and theater performances throughout the years. The Pop Gun is durable and rel... 

Weiss 09" Opera Gong

The Weiss Opera Gong delivers a classic tone with an upward glissando. These gongs are also called a Jing, bending gong or benders.  

Liberty One Triangle Beater Bag

The Liberty One Triangle Beater Bag is a medium-weight bag that holds five to six pair of most types of triangle beaters. There is nothing worse than losing beaters,... 

Weiss Brand 08" Single Row Tambourine

This Steve Weiss brand 8" single row jingle Tambourine features a calf head and steel jingles. 

Weiss Timpani Felt - Germanic

Full Sheet (25 inch x 21 inch and 14mm thick) of Germanic Timpani Felt. 

Weiss Brand Wood Chamber Vibra-Slap

This Weiss brand Vibraslap features a flat, wooden chamber and produces a more sustained sound than the "name" brands, at an affordable price. 

Weiss Classic Ratchet

This standard ratchet has been around for years and still is the most popular versions sold. This is a must-have product for any school program or theatre percussioni... 

Weiss 16" Roto-Tom with Stand

The Weiss 16" Roto-Tom includes a single roto-tom and all roto-tom stand parts making it an easy addition to any drum set, multiple percussion, or concert tom setup. Like a...