Yamaha Musical Instruments

Yamaha Keiko Abe Signature Birch Keyboard Mallets Very Hard

This is the Very Hard Mallet from the Yamaha Keiko Abe Mallet Series (MKAW02). The Core has extra weight added to increase the hardness but to compensate the Birch shaft has b... 

Yamaha Keiko Abe Signature Birch Keyboard Mallets Extra Soft

The MKAW09 is the Extra Soft Mallet from the Keiko Abe Mallet line. It features a rubber core with a 2mm tube wrapped around it. The softest of high quality yarn is used as th... 

Yamaha Tenor Spacer - Large

Yamaha RM200 Marching Multi-Toms Spacer is 1 1/2" and fits Field-Corps or Power-Lite marching tom sets. 

Yamaha Tough Terrain Frame Towing Assembly

The Yamaha T-HITCH Tough Terrain Frame towing assembly allows you to hitch your Tough Terrain equipped instruments to a standard hitch. Hitch instruments together for easier m... 

Yamaha Hi-Hat Stand (HS740)

The Yamaha HS740A Hi Hat Stand is a medium weight stand that is chain linked, tension adustable, and features rotating legs. Steve Weiss Music, Inc. is an Authorized De... 

Yamaha Marching Snare Drum Feet

The Yamaha MS-FEET Marching Snare Drum Feet are sold in packs of three (3) and are designed to fit onto the Yamaha bottom marching snare drum hoop to allow the drum to be plac... 

Yamaha DBR 12" 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker

The Yamaha DBR12 is 2-way Powered Loudspeaker is a 1000 watt bi-amped speaker that delivers outstanding fidelity to your music. Weather you are using this a front of house ... 

Yamaha Marching Stick Bag (MSH1) - Single

Yamaha marching single drum stick/mallet holder. Ideal for marching snare drums.  

Yamaha Snare Drum Stand - Medium Weight Double Braced

The Yamaha SS850 Snare Drum Stand is a heavy weight stand that features double braced legs and will hold most sizes of snare drum. Steve Weiss Music, Inc. is an Authori... 

Yamaha Power-Lite Marching Trio Carrier for 10/12/13

This Yamaha Power-Lite Large Carrier is a lift-front carrier with a break-away rail that is used exclusively for the MQL023W Large Trio Set. These carriers feature ligh... 

Yamaha Glockenspiel Cover

This Yamaha Glockenspiel 6" deep black drop cover is made of water resistant nylon material with a padded no-scratch lining and fits the Yamaha YG2500 Glock. 

Yamaha DS950 Drum Throne

The Yamaha DS950 Drum Throne features a heavy weight, bench-style seat, double-braced wide stance legs, and screw height adjustment. Height adjusts from 18" to 25.6". 

Yamaha 8300 Series Marching Bass Drum Hoops - Black Forest

The Yamaha 8300 Series Replacement Bass Drum Hoops/Rims are designed specifically for 8300 Series Yamaha Bass Drums. Also work with previous 8200 series drums. These ... 

Yamaha Chime Cover

The Yamaha Chime Cover is made of water resistant black Cordura nylon material with a padded no-scratch lining and fits all Yamaha and Deagan Chimes.  

Yamaha Hi-Hat Stand (HS850)

The Yamaha HS-850 Hi-Hat Stand is a double braced stand that features direct pull design. There are eleven settings for spring tension via an easy to use tension collar. 

Yamaha FP-8500C Bass Drum Pedal

The Yamaha FP-8500C Bass Drum Pedal is a double chain drive single bass pedal. The double chain drive is Yamaha's most popular model, and is ideal for heavy-footed pl... 

Yamaha 4.5 Octave Intermediate Acoustalon Multi-Frame II Marimba

The Yamaha 4.5 Octave Intermediate Acoustalon Multi-Frame II Marimba was designed to withstand outdoor conditions while maintaining Yamaha's legendary sound quality. The gradu... 

Yamaha Custom Marching Bass Drum

Air-Seal System Shells 7 ply birch/mahogany shell provides a precise balance of deep, resonant tones and solid, punchy attack; this shell configuration not...

Yamaha Timpani Key

The Yamaha TK40 Timpani Key is essential to tuning and maintaining the tonal qualities of Timpani. 

Yamaha Straight Cymbal Stand - Light Weight Single Braced (CS650)

The Yamaha CS650A cymbal stand features a single braced, light weight and compact design that is perfect from any basic cymbal holding purpose.