Yamaha Musical Instruments

Yamaha Comfort Core Cushions (Pack of 2)

The Yamaha Comfort Core Cushions by Randall May attach to adjustable back bars of any Yamaha carriers (except Power Lite) and include two pieces with self-adheasive strips and... 

Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stand - Heavy Weight Double Braced (CS865)

The Yamaha CS865 Boom Cymbal Stand is a heavy weight stand that features double braced legs for added stability, toothless tilter for added adjustability and hideaway boom arm... 

Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stand - Light Weight Single Braced (CS655)

The Yamaha CS655A Boom Cymbal Stand features single braced legs and is light weight and compact to accomplish most basic cymbal holding duties. 

Yamaha Hi-Hat Stand (HS1200)

Yamaha's HS1200 HiHat Stand is a direct drive system and features three legs, of which the back leg is double braced while the front two are single braced.....which makes it e... 

Yamaha Keiko Abe Signature Birch Keyboard Mallets Hard

The MKAW03 is the Hard Mallet in the Yamaha Keiko Abe Mallet series. Extra weight has been added to the core. To keep the mallet well balanced the Birch Shaft was shortened to... 

Yamaha High Tension Drum Key

Power Up with the Yamaha DK30P Power / Hi Tension Drum Key. The extra long handle provides the torque needed to tension today's marching drums but also works great on standar... 

Yamaha Marching Stick Bag (MSH2) - Double

Yamaha marching double drum stick/mallet holder. Ideal for marching snares or toms.  

Yamaha FP-9500C Bass Drum Pedal

The Yamaha FP-9500C Bass Drum Pedal is a double drive single bass pedal, and includes a woven nylon strap that can be installed using a drum key. The double chain driv... 

Yamaha Boom Cymbal Stand - Heavy Weight Double Braced (CS965)

The Yamaha CS-965 boom cymbal stand features the Yamaha 900 series tripod base, and incorporates the new toothless cymbal tilter and boom tilter clamp. The CS-965 streamlines... 

Yamaha Hi-Hat Stand (HS1200D)

The Yamaha HS-1200D Hi Hat Stand is a heavy weight, 2 leg stand that is a direct pull system and tension adjustable. Steve Weiss Music, Inc. is an Authorized Dealer fo... 

Yamaha Power-Lite Series Tenor Set with Carrier

Yamaha Power-Lite marching tenors provide a quality sound in a lightweight design and carry many of the same features as more expensive models. Available Confi... 

Yamaha DS840 Drum Throne

The Yamaha DS840U Drum Throne is a heavier duty weight double braced seat that features a round seat top and has a screw-adjust height adjustment that is fast and easy to ope... 

Yamaha Marching Bass Drum Logo Head

This Smooth White Ambassador Marching Bass Drum Head with Yamaha logo comes in sizes 14" thru 32". 

Yamaha Snare Drum Stand - For 12" Snare Drum

The Yamaha SS662 is a light weight, single-braced snare drum stand for snare drums that measure 12" and smaller. 

Yamaha 14" Coated Concert Weight Snare Drum Head

The Yamaha Coated Concert Weight Snare Drum head is a Diplomat style drum head. -7.5 MIL 

Yamaha Black Folding Music Stand with Carry Bag

The Yamaha MS1000 music stand is lightweight, yet durable, and provides high quality at a low price. Constructed of super-sturdy round tubing, the MS1000 also features a perm... 

Yamaha DS750 Drum Throne

The Yamaha DS750U Drum Throne features a 2.5" thick padded cushion seat top and a medium weight single braced leg system. 

Yamaha Inflatable Back Bar Cushion

The Yamaha Inflatable Back Bar cushion with Randall May Comfort Air System is designed to fit any Yamaha Carrier (except Power Lite) and provides an air cushioned comfort acro... 

Yamaha Tom Trim - Black (MTG15)

Yamaha Marching Tom guard in black (15 foot roll) protects the bottom part of a set of tenors. 

Yamaha Tenor Spacer - Large

Yamaha RM200 Marching Multi-Toms Spacer is 1 1/2" and fits Field-Corps or Power-Lite marching tom sets.